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30.08.2021 WeChat

WeChat: The high energy consumption of the Proof-of-work consensus mechanism compared to proof-of-stake still attracts widespread attention worldwide. Therefore, this article covers the top five environmentally-friendly PoS-based blockchain projects that are now available on the market and, in particular, Ardor and Nxt. In 2013 Jelurida launched the first pure PoS blockchain platform, Nxt, and in 2018, the first multi-chain network, Ardor. Both rely entirely on a 100%-PoS consensus mechanism with low energy consumption and they easily work on any desktop or mobile device, without compromising on the security of the whole network, high interoperability, and scalability.

August 30, 2021

在手机上进行 NFT 交易, Ardor 链的 NFTMagic是什么?

WeChat: Another notable NFT project is NFTMagic, the clean, affordable, and complete NFT marketplace on Ardor blockchain. We remind our readers that they can find everything about the project, the available NFTs, artists and work, latest events as well as some awesome Frenchies, on the NFTMagic website.

August 23, 2021

23.08.2021 WeChat
23.08.2021 TechTimes
Three Real-World Use Cases for Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies in Action

TechTimes: This article is putting in the spotlight the real-world usability of crypto projects and cryptocurrencies. And, while the author admits there is still a long way for cryptocurrencies to become widely used, he is also showing some real-world projects helping to make blockchain technology more "mainstream" than ever.  Places among the notable examples have found three Ardor and Ignis based projects - HotCity, which identifies micro-sources of waste heat for recycling, TreeCycle - which invites investors to purchase security tokens representing a share in a reforestation and timber sustainability initiative in Paraguay; and Triffic - which promotes local economies by offering users a geocaching game where they can collect rewards when out and about in their local areas.

August 23, 2021

Here are the 5 most environmentally sound blockchain ecosystems in the market today

Cryptomode: The high energy consumption and expensive hardware requirements of Bitcoin and other proof-of-work networks are no secret to anybody. In that regard we are proud to have pioneered the first pure proof-of-stake blockchain - Nxt, in 2013 and the first multi-chain network - Ardor, in 2018. Both of them use a 100% proof-of-stake consensus algorithm and their energy consumption is extremely low - a fact that's been recognized many times and once again lately by this article. We can only add that Nxt and Ardor are not only very energy-efficient but they can easily work on any desktop or mobile device.

August 23, 2021

23.08.2021 Cryptomode
19.08.2021 IBT
With the NFT Craze Booming, Will Supply Meet the Demand?

IBT: International Business Times is exploring whether the existing NFT platforms are offering a suitable and easy environment for the creation, storage, trading, and auctioning of NFTs, and some NFT projects as well. One of these projects is Mythical Beings - Ardor and Ignis blockchain-based card collection game created by Tarasca Art & Games. The article further explains that Mythical Beings' users can collect cards, buy and trade them, and even earn cryptocurrency while they’re at it - all facilitated by the easy-to-use built-in Ignis features.

August 19, 2021

スマホでNFT取引が可能に アーダーブロックチェーンの「NFT Magic」とは

CoinPost: The article highlights the key aspects of NFT Magic, the clean, affordable, and complete NFT marketplace on Ardor blockchain. Anyone can publish a wide variety of digital productions, buy and sell NFTs with very low fees, and rely on a secure environment thanks to the SIGBRO app integration. SIGBRO functions as a crypto wallet and secure digital ID authentication to upload and trade NFTs on NFTMagic, or for other services on the Ardor platform. In addition, several Ardor-based NFT-related products and games are in advanced stages, as Bridge Champ, Mythical Beings, and Triffic, which will launch soon GeoMorfs, the revenue-generating NFTs.

August 19, 2021

19.08.2021 Coinpost