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Media Mentions


WeChat: A recent article from the Chinese media has spotlighted the diverse functionalities of Ardor downloads, mirroring the comprehensive coverage found in the Ardor Beginners Series video tutorials. This informative piece sheds light on various download options available for the Ardor mainnet and testnet databases, the Ardor digital wallet, Ardor nodes, and the step-by-step process of obtaining Ardor testnet tokens. The article serves as a bridge for newcomers and seasoned users alike, providing a comprehensive understanding of Ardor's download functionalities and empowering users to navigate and leverage the platform's diverse capabilities effectively.

November 20, 2023

Mythical Beings里的DAO治理指南——Mythical DAO使用方法浅析

Technology Treehole: In a recent article, the Chinese media delved into the intricate world of DAO Governance within the realm of Mythical Beings. This comprehensive guide sheds light on the registration process of the Mythical Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), its governance principles, and the array of tools facilitating community-driven self-governance across platforms like Discord, Charm, and Tally. At the heart of Mythical DAO lies a mission dedicated to enriching the card collection experience and advancing the development of associated games. Through open discussion spaces, independent promotional initiatives, and leveraging blockchain for secure and transparent voting, Mythical DAO empowers its player community to shape the future of the gaming ecosystem.

November 6, 2023

06.11-Technology Treehole
Vessel Chain路演:助力海运行业进入区块链时代

WeChat: This Chinese media article underscores Jelurida's pivotal role in a groundbreaking maritime industry transformation, with Ignis taking center stage. Jelurida, in collaboration with Vessel Chain, is spearheading the development of a cutting-edge maritime mapping system. This innovative endeavor harnesses the power of Ignis, a public blockchain, to establish a secure, transparent platform where every commercial vessel maintains a ledger address housing critical compliance certificates. These certificates, including fuel receipts and insurance documents, are poised to revolutionize the maritime industry by significantly enhancing transparency and efficiency. Ignis's role is paramount in ensuring the security and immutability of this transformative initiative, emphasizing its pivotal role in the maritime sector's digital evolution.

October 23, 2023

Bridge Champ助力我国桥牌阔步亚运, Web3游戏为传统项目注入创新活力

1 Bit Finance: In this Chinese media article, the 2023 Hangzhou Asian Games saw China's bridge team excel with one gold, one silver, and one bronze, highlighting the sport's prowess. The women's team won gold, and the mixed team claimed silver. This emphasized the bridge's significance in the Asian Games. Concurrently, the Web3 game Bridge Champ introduced innovative elements to traditional bridge, potentially reinvigorating the sport at this stage. The game partnered with the International Bridge Federation, introducing digital NFT collectibles, and attracting attention from bridge enthusiasts new to NFTs. Bridge Champ also held a successful human vs. AI competition, validating its competitiveness. This represents the fusion of Web3 gaming with traditional bridge, fostering the sport's progress in the Asian Games.

October 7, 2023

Mythical DAO:神秘生物的收集联盟

WeChat: This Chinese media article highlights the latest season of Mythical Beings, titled "Mythical DAO: The Alliance of Crypto Creatures." Adventurers are forming a DAO to collectively plan and fund their crypto creature hunts. This shift from solo adventures to coordinated efforts empowers the global community to shape project strategies and actively participate in their journeys. Mythical DAO's mission is to improve card collecting and support upcoming games within the Mythical Beings community. With private communication channels and decentralized treasury management, members have a say in project decisions. Importantly, this DAO is driven by passion, not profit, operating independently from Tarasca, without ownership or profit-seeking motives.

September 18, 2023

Bridge Champ举办人机对战赛:NFT游戏与传统竞技共生发展编织新格局

Blockchain News Pro: This Chinese media article discusses the growing integration of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) into the sports world. NFTs are becoming intertwined with various sports projects, including events and teams, and are even finding their place in esports tournaments. The article highlights the successful fusion of NFT games and traditional sports, using the example of the Bridge Champ project. Furthermore, the article mentions how Bridge Champ developers are experimenting with in-game NFTs to enhance the player experience, alluding to the broader impact of NFTs on the sports industry.

September 5, 2023

05.09-Blockchain News Pro