Media Mentions

13.10.2021 Cointelegraph
Jelurida will launch 30-day blockchain education campaign across East Africa

Cointelegraph: Jelurida Africa announced the East Africa Blockchain Expedition starting from October 23, 2021. The expedition is a 30-day tour across East African countries designed to educate and promote blockchain technology in the regions. During the tour, Jelurida Africa will introduce the Ardor blockchain platform, its ecosystem, and several prototype projects at meetings and on-site trainings that have already been scheduled with major stakeholders, government officials, tech hubs, banks, and universities. Jelurida Africa is bringing an innovative way to foster blockchain education, aiming to create sustainable communities for the development of blockchain technology.

October 13, 2021

26.10.2021 CoinTrust

CoinTrust: Blockchain technology has experienced rapid development, with an increasing number of organizations fast adopting this technology. Ardor, developed and maintained by Jelurida, is one of the outstanding projects that are supporting mainstream blockchain adoption with real-world solutions. Ardor unique multichain architecture offers scalability and high-processing performance while ensuring the security of the entire network. Ardor adopts the pure PoS consensus mechanism, thus energy-efficient and significantly reducing the hardware requirements for securing the network.

October 26, 2021

African Blockchain Enthusiast Launches Expedition That Seeks to Highlight East Africa's Potential

Bitcoin News: The Expedition seeks to highlight East Africa’s blockchain potential. In this written interview, Adedayo explains what is the goal of the blockchain expedition, what was the main activator of the tour, and the expected outcomes from the overall journey.

October 24, 2021

24.10.2021 Bitcoin News
21.10.2021 Coinpost
ブロックチェーンはアフリカを変えるか? Jeluridaが現地で普及活動

CoinPost: The mission of the East Africa Blockchain Expedition is to increase awareness of blockchain technology, improve the knowledge base and encourage fast adoption across all sectors. Africa is a huge fast-growing market, and Jelurida Africa got covered in this article for promoting technological development by showcasing Ardor and Ignis blockchain to local government officials, universities, banks, and tech hubs in the 30-day expedition across many East African countries.

October 21, 2021


WeChat: NFTMagic has always been the least invasive possible towards the decentralized nature of blockchain technology, but, on the other side, the decentralization doesn’t allow to know the user identity behind the Ardor address, thus easily creating victims of misconduct or fraud. This article covers the new feature that NFTMagic recently released as a solution to build trust between artists and the community, which is to link the Ardor/NFTMagic account to the Twitter user’s profile to become a verified account, following a few simple steps.

October 18, 2021

18.10.2021 WeChat
18.10.2021 Chainbits
Here’s How Blockchain Is Being Applied in the ‘Real World’

ChainBits: Blockchain innovation continues to grow at a rapid pace globally, with an increasing number of mainstream entities fast adopting this technology and Jelurida, among few others, is one of the companies utilizing blockchain for real-world use cases. Therefore, the article mentions Jelurida as a suite of proof-of-stake blockchain platforms, and the notable Ardor ecosystem of sustainability-oriented projects such as HotCity, Cycle4Value, and TreeCycle.

October 18, 2021