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Nxt Blockchain Platform

Nxt is an advanced open source application platform which expands the things you can do with a blockchain. It is the first pure proof-of-stake blockchain, running since 2013. Nxt has an impressive array of functions built into its software, so you do not need to code them on top of a more limited blockchain platform.

Nxt runs as a public blockchain that is open to everyone. Over the years, many people from our community have contributed to the ecosystem and platform. We rely on the feedback that our community gives us and the dialogue that comes with it.

For those for whom a public blockchain is not an option, Jelurida sells licenses for private versions of the Nxt software and creates bespoke versions for enterprises. A private blockchain evaluation package is available for testing and rapid application prototyping.

And for public open source projects who need their own blockchain, now we offer a blockchain creation kit, allowing them to launch a new public blockchain based on the Nxt code.

For advanced users and developers familiar with the Nxt platform and considering a migration to Ardor, or those deciding which platform to choose, we have prepared a technical feature comparison of the major differences between our two platforms.


Ardor Blockchain Platform

Ardor is an evolution of the Nxt software that launched in January 2018 to address issues of blockchain bloat, scalability and versatility. Ardor is designed as a complete ecosystem where multiple players can interact with each other without needing to go outside the platform, as described in the Ardor Whitepaper

Ardor solves the problem of having to store and process large amounts of non-essential long term data in the blockchain, by separating the tokens providing blockchain security from those used for regular transactions. We have published a detailed technical overview of the logic and motivation behind the Ardor design. The fully featured, permissionless Ignis child chain preserves all functionality available in Nxt, and is used for important global settings and Lightweight Contract processing, while the parent Ardor chain is dedicated only to providing the proof-of-stake security.

Just like Nxt, Ardor runs as public open source software, and is also available for commercial licensing.

The new Ardor Learning Hub is a rich technical documentation resource for users and developers.

Nxt Downloads (stable production release 1.11.15):

Ardor Downloads (stable production release 2.2.5):

Blockchain download:
Nxt production | Nxt testnet

Blockchain download:
Ardor production | Ardor testnet

Live testnet access:
Nxt testnet wallet

Live testnet access:
Ardor testnet wallet