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Nxt Blockchain Platform

Nxt is an advanced open source application platform which expands the things you can do with a blockchain. Nxt has an impressive array of functions built into it's software, so you do not need to code them on top of a more limited blockchain platform.

Nxt runs as a public blockchain that is open to everyone. Over the years, many people from our community have contributed to the ecosystem and platform. We rely on the feedback that our community gives us and the dialogue that comes with it.

For those for whom a public blockchain is not an option, Jelurida sells licenses for private versions of the Nxt software and creates bespoke versions for enterprises. We can also consult with your company.

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Ardor Blockchain Platform

Ardor is an evolution of the Nxt software that addresses issues of scaling and versatility. Ardor is being designed as a complete ecosystem where multiple players can interact with each without needing to go outside the platform.

Ardor also solves problems with large amounts of non-essential long term data storage by introducing new roles into the system. Contact us for more details.

Just like Nxt, Ardor will run as public open source software. Ardor will also be available for licensing.

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