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Lior Yaffe:桥牌冠军正按照路线图快速开发

WeChat: The public beta version of Bridge Champ, the first on-chain application of the bridge game developed by Jelurida, is coming soon. Therefore, the recent updates on the Bridge Champ development progress by Lior Yaffe got covered in this article. The focus is on finalizing the Bridge Champ inner game mechanisms. Tournament setup, game bots, user monitoring, and NFT rewards will be gradually released after the beta version. Next, the blockchain interface will be tacked using the IGNIS tokens. The platform will function as a centralized crypto-fiat exchange and will support withdrawals and rewards distribution while offering services as high-level APIs. The final goal is to make Bridge Champ interfacing with Ardor, its child chains, and its assets as simple as possible to promote mainstream adoption.

September 17, 2021

17.09.2021 WeChat
12.09.2021 CryptoDaily
Cycle4Value Leverages Ardor To Incentivize Cycling While Reducing Carbon Emissions & Improving Health

Crypto Daily: This article covers Cycle4Value, the low-threshold and transparent reward model for cyclists. The innovative Ardor blockchain-based gamification project promotes cycling’s economic, health, and ecological benefits while rewarding users with Cycle tokens for riding. The project is currently being tested in café and shops in Graz and Krems, Austria, as outlets for users to redeem their tokens. Cycle4Value is deployed on Ardor’s main child chain, Ignis, thanks to its decentralized, flexible, and scalable infrastructure, security of the network, and an extremely energy-efficient PoS protocol, thus showcasing Ardor capabilities to support real-world use cases.

September 12, 2021


Bit Finance: At the moment, NFT is undoubtedly the hottest niche in the blockchain and crypto market. The high trading volume, activity, and many crazy pumps are signals of the rapid-changing market, but still the most capital and intelligence-intensive section, which evolved into a “bottom-up” new paradigm. The article explains why Mythical Beings might be the next NFT model able to blow up the market. Mythical Beings, developed by Tarasca Art&Games on Ardor blockchain, is unique in combining the game and the cultural values, while players are encouraged to strategically collect high-level cards get profit from it, and complete the game. Further, Ardor’s high-performing technology offers players the best blockchain experience.

September 8, 2021

08.09.2021 Bit Finance
30.08.2021 WeChat

WeChat: The high energy consumption of the Proof-of-work consensus mechanism compared to proof-of-stake still attracts widespread attention worldwide. Therefore, this article covers the top five environmentally-friendly PoS-based blockchain projects that are now available on the market and, in particular, Ardor and Nxt. In 2013 Jelurida launched the first pure PoS blockchain platform, Nxt, and in 2018, the first multi-chain network, Ardor. Both rely entirely on a 100%-PoS consensus mechanism with low energy consumption and they easily work on any desktop or mobile device, without compromising on the security of the whole network, high interoperability, and scalability.

August 30, 2021

在手机上进行 NFT 交易, Ardor 链的 NFTMagic是什么?

WeChat: Another notable NFT project is NFTMagic, the clean, affordable, and complete NFT marketplace on Ardor blockchain. We remind our readers that they can find everything about the project, the available NFTs, artists and work, latest events as well as some awesome Frenchies, on the NFTMagic website.

August 23, 2021

23.08.2021 WeChat
23.08.2021 TechTimes
Three Real-World Use Cases for Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies in Action

TechTimes: This article is putting in the spotlight the real-world usability of crypto projects and cryptocurrencies. And, while the author admits there is still a long way for cryptocurrencies to become widely used, he is also showing some real-world projects helping to make blockchain technology more "mainstream" than ever.  Places among the notable examples have found three Ardor and Ignis based projects - HotCity, which identifies micro-sources of waste heat for recycling, TreeCycle - which invites investors to purchase security tokens representing a share in a reforestation and timber sustainability initiative in Paraguay; and Triffic - which promotes local economies by offering users a geocaching game where they can collect rewards when out and about in their local areas.

August 23, 2021