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15.08.2022-Technology DeepFlow

Technology DeepFlow: This Chinese media article covers how Jelurida Africa is helping with financial inclusive solutions for the fast-growing large market of Africa. Starting with the Nigeria office in 2019, the Jelurida Africa team has now further strengthened its presence across the East African countries, offering blockchain solutions to the community, support for blockchain development and deployment to public and private organizations. Meanwhile, Jelurida Africa is encouraging the asset tokenization of resources and properties on the Ignis blockchain.

August 15, 2022

How Jelurida takes Contract Bridge into the modern era with blockchain technology

CryptoDaily: This article covers the major benefits of Bridge Champ, the platform that brings the famous card game Bridge into the digital world by using Ardor-Ignis blockchain platforms, developed by Jelurida. As mentioned by Lior Yaffe, Bridge Champ will serve as a flagship solution for third-parties gaming platforms, by creating reusable crypto integration components based on the Ardor blockchain.

August 14, 2022

14.08.2022 CryptoDaily
08.08.2022 WeChat
Ardor 3.0前瞻

WeChat: With the launch of the Ardor v.3.0.0e testnet version, the Jelurida team has been testing and developing major innovations in terms of data security and data processing capabilities. Following the Ardor and Ignis 2022 updated Roadmap, Ardor v3 will be launched soon on mainnet by Q4 2022, as covered in this Chinese article. The documentation aims to summarize the changes implemented in the new version, to help developers to migrate their applications built on Ardor v2 to Ardor v3.

August 8, 2022


1 Bit Finance: The Korea Blockchain Week 2022 is a premier crypto and blockchain event that from August 7-14, 2022, in Seoul, brought together industry professionals and crypto enthusiasts to discuss the latest trends around blockchain technology. As covered in this Chinese media article, the Jelurida Korea team represented Jelurida at the KBW2022 showcasing Ardor and Ignis blockchain.

August 2, 2022

02.08.2022 1 Bit Finance
02.08.2022 CoinPost
JeluridaのP2Eトランプゲーム「Bridge Champ」とは

CoinPost: Jelurida is developing Bridge Champ, a platform for Contract Bridge using Ardor and Ignis blockchain technology. The online platform provides a transparent gaming environment, a well-designed web and mobile interface and a P2E mechanism, which allows players to earn money while playing Bridge Champ. This article covers a detailed description of the card game rules and the advantages Bridge Champ brings as a cutting-edge platform to the market as an excellent use case for utility tokens.

August 2, 2022


WeChat: What is Mythical Beings? This article covers an overall illustration of Mythical Beings, the P2E NFT card collection game based on the Ardor-Ignis blockchain. Besides the game, each card has a unique cultural value, that you can collect, buy, sell, trade, craft and earn cryptocurrencies. The earning mechanism allows players to gain jackpot shares, and have the chance to receive a limited-edition card!

July 26, 2022

26.07.2022 WeChat