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Ardor – A multi-chain platform with a multitude of use cases

Crypto News Flash: Development activity is the raisin d’etre for blockchain platforms. Those projects that manage to attract developers often find it a snowball effect, where a few successful launches serve as a showcase of the platform’s potential, which attracts more developers. One example of where this is visible is in the Ardor blockchain, which launched in early 2018. Over the last three years, Jelurida, the Swiss software development company that operates Ardor, has been working hard to attract developers. As Ardor now supports a multitude of real-world use cases, the work has paid off, with more activity on the way in 2021. Achieving a balance between ready-made features and near-limitless customization options has paid off for Ardor. The platform has become a hub of development activity, with numerous applications gaining traction

February 04, 2021

CryptoNewsFlash ArdorUseCases
Coinpost NFT

Coinpost: ブロックチェーン開発企業ジェルリダ(Jelurida)が開発を行うアーダー(Ardor)エコシステムのポータルサイト「Ardor.World」が、21年の開発計画を共有した。Ardor.Worldとは、アーダーのコミュニティメンバーにより運営されているポータルの一つであり、ジェルリダが開発しているチェーンに関するニュースや通貨の価格情報などが一箇所にまとめられている。 Ardor.Worldのブログによると、直近では1月中に、アーダーエコシステム内のチャイルドチェーン(シャードチェーン)、GPSおよびBITSWIFT上で資産レポート機能の実装が、2月にNFT(Non-Fungible Token/非代替性トークン)エクスプローラ機能の追加が予定されている。 その他時期は未定だが、ジェルリダが直接開発に携わっているイグニス(Ignis)およびその他チャイルドチェーンの通貨システムレポート機能実装、データやDGS(アーダーのデジタルグッズ市場)のエクスプローラ機能追加、アーダーおよびネクスト(Nxt)エコシステム資料追加、ミームギャラリー、Telegramサポートプログラム、ならびに携帯端末サポートが計画されている。 Ardor.Worldで2月にリリースが計画されているNFTエクスプローラ機能では、NFTの検索が可能になる。今後開発が進むにつれて、作成したNFTを公開およびトレードできる市場として機能させる予定だ。

February 01, 2021

Can Emerging Technologies Provide a Sustainable Way to Tackle Deforestation?

CoinGape: Treecoin is developed on the Ardor blockchain, which is operated by Jelurida, a Swiss-based software development firm. Ardor is becoming something of a focal point for sustainability initiatives, having been selected as the platform of choice by Hot City, a project funded by the Austrian government to reward citizens for contributing to an effort in recycling waste heat sources. It also hosts Cycle4Value, an application that incentivizes cyclists to get out on their bikes and reduce the environmental impact of traveling. Unlike many public blockchain platforms that require extensive programming knowledge to launch an application, Jelurida offers a suite of out-of-the-box tools that make it easy for non-blockchain professionals to get up and running. For this reason, it appears to be making a name for itself among projects that are focused on delivering outcomes based on specific proven use cases, such as gamification and crowdfunding. In the case of Treecoin, it’s easy to see how these concepts can be applied to sustainability initiatives. After all, people respond well to incentives. The idea of earning a profit from investing in a reforestation project will be attractive to many investors who want to put their money where it makes a difference.

January 25, 2021

CoinGape TreeCoin
CoinCodex NFTMagic
Ardor Twitter Bot Suggests the Future of NFTs

Coincodex: Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are one of the most exciting crypto verticals, even if they have yet to take off in the way many commentators predicted. Back in 2017, the CryptoKitties craze caused gridlock on Ethereum, and one crazy cat wanted a digital kitty so bad, he blew $170k worth of ETH to obtain it (over $780k at today’s prices). Based on the performance of what was, at the time, an extremely young digital resource economy, we might reasonably have expected the NFT market to be further forward in 2021. Alas, progress has been slow. However, there is ample evidence to suggest that things are finally starting to change in the NFT ecosystem.

A new product called DeFiMAGIC represents a fresh use case for NFTs. Conceived by the team behind multi-chain platform Ardor, DeFiMAGIC is a Twitter bot that brings NFT capabilities to one of the world’s most popular social networking sites. While the exchange of ideas (and insults) is incredibly easy on a hectic platform like Twitter, what about the exchange of value? That’s a concept that struck Ardor’s developers as worth exploring.

January 21, 2021

DeFiMAGIC‌ ‌Demonstrates‌ ‌NFT‌ ‌Use‌ ‌Case‌ ‌on‌ ‌Ardor‌

ZyCrypto: 2020 saw a surge in defi and non-fungible token (NFT) activity happening on Ethereum as excitement grew around the prospect of yield farming and investing in the new world of digital collectibles. Inspired by this growing interest, members of the Ardor community set out to develop DeFiMAGIC, harnessing the features of the multi-chain platform including its Singleton Asset and Data Cloud. While there is still room for optimization and cost reduction, DeFiMAGIC is a great example of both the defi and NFT potential of the Ardor blockchain. Launched in 2018 by the same developers responsible for Nxt, Jelurida, Ardor is a multi-chain proof-of-stake blockchain platform with a unique parent-child chain architecture and powerful customization opportunities. In this system, the security of the entire network is provided by the parent Ardor chain that runs using the ARDR token. The interoperable child chains then operate with their own native tokens, delivering rich functionality with the flexibility necessary for a variety of use cases, including NFTs.

January 18, 2021

ZyCrypto DEFIMagic NFT
Coinpost Triffic

CoinPost: スイスのブロックチェーン開発企業ジェルリダ(Jelurida)は、自身が開発を行うブロックチェーン「アーダー(Ardor)」エコシステム内の構築されているAR(現実拡張)ゲームアプリ「Triffic」の最新開発進捗を共有した。 Trifficは、20年9月にTriffic独自のチャイルドチェーンをアーダーエコシステム内に作成。これ以降、DEX(分散型取引所)付属ウォレットや新規UI実装など急速に開発を進め、同年12月にはゲーム内トークンGPS利用体験を向上させるための、パワーアップアイテム機能を追加したことを発表した。 ジェルリダは、ブロックチェーン基盤のゲームプラットフォーム開発に注力し、20年12月には、オンチェーン版のトランプゲーム「Bridge Champ」の構築をイグニス上で開始した。Trifficとは、アーダーブロックチェーンを基盤にしたARゲームアプリだ。ユーザーはアプリ内の地図を利用して現実世界を歩き回り、地図上に表示されたビーコン(Beacon)と呼ばれる位置情報発信源を見つける「宝探し」を楽しむことができる。ビーコンには様々な報酬が用意されており、中にはゲーム内で利用されている仮想通貨GPSトークンを付与するものもある。

January 13, 2021