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CoinPost: HotCity is one of the Ardor blockchain use cases in which a gamification-based reward model has been implemented and tested to address environmental issues and achieve sustainability. The aim is to crowdsource data of industrial and commercial waste heat in urban planning as potential renewable energy sources. In order for citizens to participate voluntarily and enjoyably, digital points, issued as tokens on the Ignis child chain, are distributed as rewards for providing that information, that can be redeem as vouchers for goods and services by partner companies.

September 30, 2021

30.09.2021 CoinPost
29.09.2021 NewsBTC
Ardor Delivers Powerful Blockchain Platform with Promising Native Support for NFTs

NewsBTC: Even though the NFT ecosystem continues to expand, most platforms are facing limitations or challenges such as network congestion and rising gas fees. Ardor blockchain has been mentioned in this article as a fully-featured platform that offers native support to NFTs, by eliminating several problems connected to third-party smart contracts. In this scenario, Ardor emerges as an impressive solution for developers and artists, with several features specifically designed to support NFTs tokens and assets. Moreover, Ardor’s energy-efficient PoS-based smart contract mechanism and built-in HD wallet ensure lower transaction fees, high-grade security and enhanced user experience.

September 29, 2021

降低碳排放:骑行应用Cycle4Value 在Ardor公链上测试其奖励机制

WeChat: The innovative Ardor blockchain-based gamification project, Cycle4Value, is a low-threshold and transparent reward model for cyclists. It promotes cycling’s economic, health, and ecological benefits, and it is now being tested in café and shops in Graz and Krems, Austria. The article highlights how the Cycle4Value project has successfully developed a safe and transparent process of converting cycling activity into value units, thanks to the flexible, and scalable, secure and extremely energy-efficient PoS technology of Ardor blockchain.

September 27, 2021

27.09.2021 WeChat
24.09.2021 Crypto Investment

Crypto Investment Research: The recent accident of instability in Solana mainnet, as part of one of the “new public chains” with fast transfers and low handling fees, made the position of Ardor blockchain even stronger. This article mentions Lior Yaffe’s tweet about Ardor's constant stability and security since its mainnet launch in 2018, which has never been compromised to provide high scalability and low transaction fees.

September 24, 2021

22.09.2021 CryptoNews
Discover The Innovative Blockchain Platforms Lowering NFT’s Barriers For Newcomers

CryptoNews: The NFTs represent one of the most prominent sectors in the blockchain ecosystems, thanks to the flexibility that almost everything can be transformed into an NFT. Nevertheless, challenges appear when indentifying the most suitable blockchain platform. In this article, Ardor has been mentioned as one of the promising blockchain networks designed to serve as all-inclusive platform with built-in features, secure and easy-to-use, and cost-efficient for NFT-minting.

September 22, 2021

Expanding Real-World Blockchain Adoption Pushes Solutions To Deliver Meaningful New Use Cases

CoinCodex: Ardor, developed and maintained by the Jelurida company, has been mentioned in this article as one of the most promising projects in the crypto ecosystem, adding value to the legacy of blockchains for opening the gateway to several sustainable solutions for real-world use cases. Ardor’s PoS-based flexible infrastucture allows developers to build highly customized gamification projects, such as HotCity and Cycle4Value, funded by the Austrian government.

September 22, 2021

22.09.2021 Coincodex