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Jelurida Becomes A Gold Member of Lugano’s Ticino Blockchain Technologies Association

U.Today: Jelurida is pleased to announce its partnership as Gold Member with the Ticino Blockchain Technologies Association, which combines blockchain and crypto organizations based in Lugano, Switzerland, and connects them to universities and research centres for private and public projects. Jelurida’s developments and expertise will be used by a new audience of future builders, innovators, and individuals pursuing industry careers. Jelurida’s core technology and products, Ardor, Ignis and Nxt blockchains, are designed to fuel ongoing blockchain industry growth and help establish new use cases, cooperation, and research, thus expanding the Swiss education system as a whole. Since Lugano is quickly turning into a hub for blockchain and crypto, Jelurida is happy to join the TBTA and contribute to the success of Lugano Plan B.

April 26, 2022

26.04.2022 UToday
25.04.2022 WeChat

WeChat: Jelurida is now entering a new phase in its growth and expanding the development and business team. This article covers the news of Jelurida looking for Web and Mobile Developers and Senior Java Engineers. If you are eager to join an innovative blockchain software development company and your skills and qualifications match the requirements, then we are happy for you to join our team!

April 25, 2022


Technology DeepFlow: As the main Ardor’s child chain, Ignis is a fully-featured and permissionless public chain that business organizations can use to deploy dApps and applications that suit their needs. Now a new project is entering the Ardor-Ignis ecosystem,, a digital assets NFT Marketplace, as covered in this article by Chinese media. Developed by Ardor.World, has a series of unique features, such as creating NFT assets on the Ignis blockchain and promoting incentives for NFT collectors. Moreover, the UART crowdfunding campaign to support the launch of the project has been successfully completed, reaching the target of 1M IGNIS collected in just two weeks.

April 19, 2022

19.04.2022 DeepFlow
11.04.2022 WeChat

WeChat: The Play-to-Earn model has been booming in the blockchain gaming industry for players to earn rewards and incentives while playing. However, developers are now exploring the Play-to-Own opportunities, boosting the game’s appeal to non-crypto audiences based on value creation and value distribution. Players need a solid gaming experience and engaging content to earn more, and developers can also build open economies to create self-sustaining blockchain games. Ardor blockchain has been covered in this article as the blockchain-as-a-service solution for developers leveraging the decentralized ecosystem, that is now moving to the Play-to-Own model. One example is Mythical Beings, a P2E card collection game on Ardor blockchain.

April 11, 2022


CoinPost: The new Ardor version 2.4.1 has been released on April 4th, 2022! The news of the Ardor blockchain implementing a new version on mainnet has been covered in this article. This upgrade will activate the new features that have been already enabled with version 2.40e on testnet, making the Ardor blockchain platform even more attractive to NFT and P2E game users. This is a mandatory update for everybody, with an hardfork scheduled for block 2.307.000 expected on May 1st, 2022.

April 08, 2022

08.04.2022 CoinPost
06.04.2022 CryptonewsZ
Ardor’s v.2.4.0e Testnet Update Incorporates New Features in the Decentralized Asset Exchange

CryptoNewsZ: Ardor is the Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that allows businesses and individuals to establish private child chains with specific settings for issuing assets, and it has recently taken a significant move in the NFT space, as covered in this article. Ardor announced two important testnet updates to the decentralized Asset Exchange, providing users with increased control through decentralization and transparency. The newly implemented Asset Trade Royalties and Flexible Asses Control will strengthen the open-source multichain platform and its specific architecture.

April 06, 2022