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Technical Consulting

Our consulting team is ready to assist you with the various aspects of blockchain technology development and deployment.

Customized services include solution architecture design, in-house training, brainstorming sessions, project maintenance, as well as auditing of project implementation.

These services are provided to organizations interested in either building on top of the public Nxt and Ardor blockchains or Ignis child chain, or using our technology in a private permissioned environment.

Service highlights

Architecture Design and Optimization

Architecture Design and Optimization

Jelurida's experienced blockchain engineers are ready to assist your organization in designing the best blockchain solution for your use case. Our professional services team will help identify implementation challenges and guide your team in resolving them, saving you time and resources.

Lightweight Contract Implementation

Lightweight Contract Development

Development of blockchain based contracts is one of the most demanding challenges for programmers. Our professionals will guide your team and assist in all stages of implementation - from the initial design to code review, testing, deployment, and performance optimizations.


Custom Blockchain Implementation

Jelurida provides full software design and implementation services to ensure the best results in adopting our technology. We are well equipped to design and develop any customized features needed for the successful integration of blockchain technology in your business.



Jelurida provides customized training sessions for your employees - ranging from large sessions with teams to one-on-one sessions with key staff members. All sessions are tailored to the needs of the organization, and can be delivered on premises or online.

Training includes high-level overview of blockchain technology for business and management level stakeholders as well as deep dive sessions for developers.

Training can be structured as an ongoing engagement to cover major developments and updates of the technology, introduction to new features, and integration of new business requirements.

Here are a few other examples of training sessions that can be provided:

  • Overview of blockchain technology
  • Ignis Lightweight Contract development
  • Server-side modifications and add-ons
  • Client-side services development
  • Ardor child chain creation
  • New transaction types development


Jelurida hosts workshops covering various aspects of blockchain technology, including its own software, as well as those of other platforms.

The technical level of workshops can be adjusted based on the needs of the organization, and customized for the specific requirements of the audience. Workshops include content relevant for the specific industry vertical of the audience to provide a better level of understanding.

Preferably workshops should be scheduled as early as possible in the exploratory phases of blockchain technology in order to steer the project implementation in the right direction. Here are a few examples of workshops that can be provided:

  • Technology comparison
  • Blockchain platform comparison
  • Features overview
  • Cryptography overview
  • Use case exploration and validation

To enquire about scheduling a workshop or training session, contact us at


Other Services

Ardor Child Chain Creation

A child chain is a second-layer blockchain on Ardor, dedicated to a specific business or use case. It operates like a standalone blockchain, but its security is guaranteed by the “parent" chain. Being a part of the Ardor public blockchain platform, each child chain is fully interoperable with all other child chains, while interfacing with external systems is possible using lightweight smart contracts.

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Private Blockchain Implementation

Jelurida can provide the use of its technology for commercial or academic purposes in permissioned environments. The industry standard Java codebase with well documented API enables easy customization and integration, and the energy efficient and robust proof-of-stake consensus protocol makes our Nxt and Ardor software the ideal choice for enterprise blockchains.

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