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10.02.2022 IBT
10 Best Play-To-Earn Projects to Watch in 2022

IBT: This article describes the ten best NFT Play-To-Earn projects that are currently bringing in players daily, and Mythical Beings is one of them. It is an exciting card collection game on Ardor blockchain, with each NFT card having a unique story and value to be collected or traded. Mythical Beings Season 03 has just been launched and new games such as Battlegrounds and Elyxir are in beta with many new upcoming play-to-earn features

February 10, 2022


Chain Game Portal: Mythical Beings Season 03 has officially started on February 8th, 2022 with four new creatures ready to be spotted by collectors! In the previous season, the NFT card game made its way to Ethereum via the sidechain Polygon, thus entering OpenSea, the world’s leading NFT marketplace and bringing more collectors to the game. In Season 03, Mythical Beings will soon be available at Kally’s, the new Polkadot-based NFT marketplace.

February 07, 2022

07.02.2022 ChainGamePortal
07.02.2022 Blockonomi_0
NFT Magic: Eco-Friendly NFT Marketplace With Creative Commons & Custom Licenses

Blockonomi: NFT Magic can now offer a wide range of license types, whether it be artwork for personal enjoyment or commercial use. NFT Magic is based on Ardor scalable and pure Proof-of-Stake blockchain, thus bringing clean and affordable NFTs to the public. This article covers the latest features available on NFT Magic and, in particular, the licenses associated with NFTs minted through the platform that can be upgraded with certain limits, but not downgraded to avoid breaking the agreement between the creator and the buyer

February 07, 2022

NFT Minters Can Now Attach Custom Licences to their Artwork through NFTMagic

Crypto News: NFTMagic platform, built on Ardor blockchain, is now offering NFT owners, minters and holders more control over their digital artwork by attaching licenses to the digital collectibles. NFT Magic introduces a set of innovative NFT features such as custom license options that are in line with the Creative Commons copyright license standards, thus allowing wider customization, and the number may increase in the future.

February 04, 2022

04.02.2022 CryptoNews
31.01.2022 WeChat

WeChat: The weekly Ardor projects’ event calendar has been published for the Chinese community. The article covers all the upcoming new developments and the important launches that are coming soon in the Ardor-Ignis ecosystem!

January 31, 2022

Crypto firms ignore Africa at their peril as continent set for major adoption

Cointelegraph: Experts believe that Africa is primed to lead the next wave of global crypto adoption, as the economic opportunities presented by the region are immense. This article mentions Jelurida Africa managing director, Adedayo Adebajo, expressing that African countries like to consider themselves as one group, united by their lack of tangible business opportunities and the lack to access high-quality banking alternatives. He also highlights that the key issue preventing crypto-based banking services from reaching the masses is the limited knowledge about blockchain technology and its true utility, which is one of the main objectives of Jelurida Africa.

January 25, 2022

25.01.2022 Cointelegraph