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IgnisIgnis is an essential part of the Ardor platform. It is the main child chain - fully featured and permissionless for everyday transactions with low fees.

All the Ardor platform transaction types and features are available on the Ignis child chain. Furthermore, account specific functions, such as setting account properties and multi-signature configurations (account control), are facilitated exclusively by Ignis but accessible across all child chains.

Ignis supports out of the box advanced privacy mechanisms including coin shuffling, and encrypted messages which can be shared securely with third parties.

Use Ignis to experiment and build public applications with all the features available on the Ardor platform. You don't need any permission, simply install the software, download the blockchain, get some tokens from an exchange (or exchange with ARDR tokens on chain) then start using the APIs and coding. It is really that simple.

Ignis is the exclusive chain for stateless lightweight contract development. Use Ignis to deploy your contracts even if they will eventually interact with other child chains.

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Feature highlights

Lightweight Contracts
Lightweight Contracts

Lightweight contracts provide a layer of automation on top of the Ardor platform APIs. Unlike traditional smart contracts, they are not executed by every blockchain node.

This flexible design allows for rapid development and deployment of contracts, which can also interface with external systems. The stateless lightweight contracts are much safer than the traditional stateful smart contracts. A broken or malicious contract cannot cause harm to the whole network - at most it can bring down only the nodes on which it runs.


All Ignis transactions are stored in a public ledger available for anyone to view or verify. Some use cases however, require a higher level of privacy.

Ignis supports the coin shuffling algorithm which allows several users to shuffle equal amounts of tokens into newly initialized recipient accounts, without any connection to the source accounts.

Ignis natively supports encrypted messages. These can be shared safely with a third party, using a message specific encryption key.

Advanced Transaction Control
Advanced Transaction Control

Ignis supports a sophisticated multi-signature feature called account control. Transactions submitted from an account under such control are subject to a mandatory approval procedure.

Account control is based on approval models defined using the phasing feature. Composite approval models can be created from basic models using a combination of Boolean logical operators.

Asset transactions can similarly be restricted using the asset control feature.

Decentralized Exchange
Decentralized Exchange

The Ardor platform has three different types of fully decentralized exchange, with a state of the art on-blockchain order matching engine.

Coin Exchange supports trading of all child chain tokens, and the ARDR parent chain token.

Asset Exchange manages the issuance and trading of security tokens that can represent company shares, with convenient features such as voting and dividend payments.

Monetary System provides specialized token types, useful for crowdfunding, voting, etc.

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