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20210403 ARDR
How to Buy Ardor (ARDR) Ardor uses a unique Multi-Chain blockchain platform, where Ardor child chains are separate customizable “blockchains” within the Ardor ecosystem. The different types of child chains have their own native tokens with built-in features that are necessary for specific use case. In order to save resources child chain transactions can be removed (“pruned”) from the ecosystem once they are no longer needed.

We list the top 3 brokers that offer the ability to buy Ardor (ARDR) with a credit card, debit card or Bitcoin (BTC): Binance, Bittrex and Huobi.

April, 2021

NFT大作-神秘生物Mythical Beings 2021路线图发布!



要获得卡,您可以购买3包随机卡(价格为99 IGNIS),或从其他用户购买。如果您有重复的卡片,您可以使用它们与其他用户制作或交换它们,并通过拥有特殊的Tarasca神秘生物卡片赚取代币,收集大奖或赚取分成。请在官方网站上查看更多规则和详细信息!



March 29, 2021

20210329 R Wechat Tarasca
20210327 L Coinpost Bridgechamp

Coinpost: アーダー(Ardor)チェーン等の開発で知られるブロックチェーン関連企業ジェルリダ(Jelurida)が、20年11月に発表したブロックチェーン基盤のトランプゲーム「Bridge Champ」のロードマップを公開した。Bridge Champとは、海外で人気のトランプゲーム「コントラクトブリッジ(以下ブリッジ)」のオンチェーン版であり、ジェルリダ開発のブロックチェーン「イグニス(Ignis)」上に構築されている。ロードマップによると、21年第4四半期には一般への公開が予定されている。

Bridge Champは、ジェルリダおよびブリッジのプレーヤーでもあるBarak Lieberman氏を中心に、現代的なオンラインでのプレー選択肢、およびオンライン市場が不足しているというブリッジの課題を解決するために発案された。さらにジェルリダ曰く、ブリッジは社交的なゲームであるため、新型コロナウイルスの流行でオンラインでの娯楽享受が一般的になった現在、対面でプレーできる環境の欠如により、そのコミュニティの発展が停滞しているという。

March 27, 2021


WeChat: 作者简介:阿尔贝托·费尔南德斯(Alberto Fernández),IEB区块链和数字创新教授,Jelurida商业总监

背景介绍:IEB是西班牙的独立证券研究机构,隶属于马德里康普腾斯大学(Complutense University),由马德里证券交易所赞助。



March 26, 2021

20210326 R Wechat IEB
20210324 L IHodl BridgeChamp
Ardor’s BridgeChamp Project Announces Launch Roadmap

IHodl: Jelurida Swiss SA is pleased to announce the publication of the launch roadmap for one of its flagship applications, BridgeChamp. BridgeChamp is a blockchain-based gaming platform centered around the popular game of contract bridge. The roadmap, which runs to the end of 2021, will see the project through all phases leading up to a full launch to the general public in Q4.

The newly published roadmap provides a complete overview of all the features that players can expect when BridgeChamp is launched in beta in Q3, and to the public in Q4 2021. The roadmap shows that a significant amount of development is already completed, including the infrastructure for setting up bridge tournaments, registering players and making BridgeChamp available via mobile. During the first quarter of 2021, the development team has also worked on elements of the user interface.

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March 24, 2021

Jelurida’s strategic partnership with Simplex enables NXT and Ignis for global purchases

Crypto News Flash: Swiss blockchain company, Jelurida, has announced a deeper strategic collaboration with Simplex, the market-leading fiat infrastructure for crypto onramps. Users can now buy these blockchain’s native currencies through Simplex’s platform. Partnerships like these make it much easier for users to access a huge range of cryptocurrencies via fiat money.

This partnership between Simplex and Jelurida confirms the mainstream appeal of cryptocurrencies. Users can now purchase NXT the native currency of the iconic first pure proof of stake blockchain Nxt and IGNIS the currency of the Ignis permissionless child chain of the Ardor multi-chain platform, through Jelurida’s website or Simplex’s partner network. As Jelurida agreed with Simplex to offer the same exposure to these currencies as the company does to Ardor and ARDR, an important milestone has been reached. Strengthening this partnership confirms that Jelurida wants to encourage new implementations through the Nxt, Ardor, and Ignis blockchains.

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March 18, 2021

20210318 R CryptoNewsFlash Simplex