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Bridge Platform Bridge Champ Reveals 2022 Roadmap

Blockonomi: The recently published 2022 Roadmap for Bridge Champ continues to draw attention with new articles on crypto media. The new 2022 Roadmap includes more engaging social features, mobile app release, hosting online bridge tournaments, token payments, NFTs registration, rewards, and much more!

March 17, 2022

17.03.2022 Blocknomi
15.03.2022 Bitcoinist
6 Promising Play-to-Earn Platforms Looking To Unseat Splinterlands

Bitcoinist: This article mentions Ardor as one of the six promising P2E platforms in the crypto gaming space, with much potential granted by its unique infrastructure as a Blockchain-as-a-Service platform. Ardor provides security, decentralization, and customizable child chains with ready-to-use built-in features for game developers. One of the P2E games built on Ardor is Mythical Beings, the NFT card collection game.

March 15, 2022

Bridge Champ Unveils 2022 Roadmap Featuring Online Tournaments And NFT Registration

Crypto News: Many exciting new developments are on the agenda of Bridge Champ, the first on-chain gaming platform for the strategy card game Bridge developed by Jelurida on Ardor-Ignis blockchain. This article covers the Bridge Champ 2022 Roadmap, which includes engaging social features, mobile app release, tournaments, NFT registration for achievements, token payments, rewards, etc.

March 14, 2022

14.03.2022 Cryto News
05.03.2022 Cointelegraph
Opensea phishing scandal reveals a security need across the NFT landscape

Cointelegraph: The recent OpenSea phishing scandal and its security breach raised several criticisms from industry experts. This article mentions Lior Yaffe’s comments, pointing out that the episode directly resulted from OpenSea’s poorly planned smart contract upgrade and the platform transaction approval architecture, a common problem of most NFT marketplaces. Users should be careful with contract approvals, always keep track of the approved contracts, revoke unsafe or unnecessary ones, and preferably specify a reasonable spending limit for every contract approval

March 05, 2022


CoinPost: The news of Jelurida exhibiting at 4YFN, and the NFTMagic recent updates and new developments have been covered in this Japanese media article. The Jelurida team presented the Ignis blockchain technology and the amazing NFT and gaming projects in the Ignis ecosystem, such as NFTMagic, SIGBRO, Mythical Beings, and Bridge Champ. The team got the chance to connect and network with CEOs, business developers, innovators, industry leaders, investors and students interested in knowing more and creating future synergies about the unique opportunities that Ardor-Ignis cutting-edge technology can bring

March 03, 2022

03.03.2022 CryptoPost.jpg
01.03.2022 CoinPedia
What’s The Difference Between Play-To-Own And Play-To-Earn

CoinPedia: The play-to-earn model is booming in the blockchain gaming sector, thanks to its tremendous future potential and its appeal to players for in-game rewards, incentives, and assets control. Personalized gameplay and user experience are crucial and new use cases for the assets owned. This value creation makes the P2E model progress to the next step, the Play-to-Own. As covered in this article, one example of a remarkable P2E game is Mythical Beings, the card collection game built on the Ardor blockchain. Players can collect and trade cards while competing on other in-game features and shaping their own experience

March 01, 2022