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Ardor Child Chain Creation

Child Chains on the Ardor Platform are individual blockchains dedicated to specific businesses or purposes. All transactional functions of the blockchain are performed on the child chains - the parent chain provides the proof-of-stake security for the whole platform, but has otherwise limited functionality.

New child chains can be created for the needs of a business or project based on the fully functional and time tested features found on the main public child chain - Ignis.

Child chains can define their own token of value, which can be exchanged with any other chain token using the Ardor decentralized coin exchange. Transaction fees on each child chain are also paid in its native token. Furthermore, a business has the option of subsidizing the transaction fees for its child chain, resulting in effectively zero fees for its users.

Child chains can be configured as permissionless, i.e. open for any account to use, or permissioned using the child chain permission control.

Creation of a new child chain is managed by Jelurida based on a contractual agreement between Jelurida and the child chain operator. Jelurida ensures that new child chains are based on a substantial business use case and that additional child chains contribute to the overall viability of the Ardor platform.

To discuss how your specific business use case can benefit from a custom Ardor child chain, contact us at

Service highlights

Consensus as a Service

Consensus as a Service

The Ardor parent chain provides a trustless proof-of-stake consensus which secures the operations of all child chains.

Applications running on the child chains do not need to be concerned with the inner workings of the proof-of-stake protocol. Child chain owners do not have to worry about setting up their own network, maintaining multiple servers, staking or mining. They can focus on the development of their business.

Public Permissioned

Public Permissioned Blockchain

A powerful feature of Ardor is the ability to deploy a permissioned child chain on top of the public permissionless platform.

This innovative hybrid permissioning enables businesses to implement their own business access rules and permission system for their dedicated child chain while still enjoying the network effect and decentralization of the overarching public platform.



Child chains maintain interoperability with each other. All child chain coins can be traded using the Ardor decentralized coin exchange, and child chain transactions can access all global platform features. Lightweight contracts can provide seamless interfacing with external systems.

If needed, certain interoperability features can be restricted using the built-in advanced transaction control functionality such as account control, asset control, and composite phasing.

Other Services

Private Blockchain Implementation

Jelurida can provide the use of its technology for commercial or academic purposes in permissioned environments. The industry standard Java codebase with well documented API enables easy customization and integration, and the energy efficient and robust proof-of-stake consensus protocol makes our Nxt and Ardor software the ideal choice for enterprise blockchains.

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Technical Consulting

If you are interested in exploring how blockchain can help your business, Jelurida is here to assist you. For those considering adopting our technology, we offer customized blockchain training and advanced hands-on workshops that allow you to learn more about our platforms and see how they compare to other blockchain technologies.

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