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Private Blockchain Implementation

Being simple, scalable and stable the Nxt blockchain is a universal blockchain framework - a starting point for organizations who would like to create their own private blockchain quickly and efficiently. Instead of reinventing the wheel, they can get a head start by customizing a leading blockchain product to fit their unique business requirements.

Setting up a new blockchain instance using the Nxt Blockchain Creation Kit provided under the Jelurida Public License (JPL) is a relatively simple process. This is a developer toolkit however, and any extensive customization of the new blockchain will require expert programming knowledge.

Anyone can use the blockchain creation kit to launch a public blockchain, in compliance with the JPL. However, private closed source blockchain implementations that cannot satisfy the JPL airdrop and open source requirements need a commercial software licensing agreement. With such, Jelurida will provide all the resources necessary for the implementation of the private blockchain. If desired, we can provide ongoing maintenance and support for a private blockchain project to ensure smooth operations.

Organizations looking for an advanced multi-chain custom solution can create a permissioned blockchain based on the Ardor platform. This is a more technical task which requires coordination with the Jelurida consulting team.

To explore if a custom blockchain implementation is the best solution for your business and discuss licensing and consulting options, contact us at

Service highlights

Blockchain Creation Kit

Public Blockchain Creation Kit

The Nxt Blockchain Creation Kit provides a copy of the Nxt blockchain software not connected to the official Nxt public blockchain.

It is a tool for developers who want to experiment with open source blockchain technology or create a public blockchain under the Jelurida Public License.

Private Blockchain Implementation

Private Blockchain Implementation

For private blockchain deployments based on our technology, Jelurida provides a package of commercial license, expert consulting services to assist in the architectural design of the overall solution, hands-on implementation, and advanced level support directly from the core developers of the Nxt and Ardor public blockchain platforms.

Other Services

Ardor Child Chain Creation

A child chain is a second-layer blockchain on Ardor, dedicated to a specific business or use case. It operates like a standalone blockchain, but its security is guaranteed by the “parent" chain. Being a part of the Ardor public blockchain platform, each child chain is fully interoperable with all other child chains, while interfacing with external systems is possible using lightweight smart contracts.

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Technical Consulting

If you are interested in exploring how blockchain can help your business, Jelurida is here to assist you. For those considering adopting our technology, we offer customized blockchain training and advanced hands-on workshops that allow you to learn more about our platforms and see how they compare to other blockchain technologies.

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