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24.01.2022 Coinpedia
5 Emerging NFT Games to Keep an Eye on in 2022

Coinpedia: NFT gaming is booming thanks to the increasing adoption of blockchain technology and the gamers’ familiarity with its potential, in terms of reward investment, functionality and gaming experience. This article lists the top 5 NFT games ready to conquer mainstream adoption and Mythical Beings, built on Ardor blockchain, is one of them. Thanks to its unique parent-child chain architecture, the Ardor platform offers native NFT support and advanced customization to the blockchain-based card collection game. In December 2021, Mythical Beings have become a proper multichain game by offering support for using cards on Ignis/Ardor and Polygon/OpenSea, to expand players’ opportunities.

January 24, 2022


CoinPost: In 2021 we transformed Jelurida from a company focused on blockchain infrastructure to a company which develops apps based on our battle-hardened technology Ardor and Ignis.” This is one of Lior Yaffe’s statements about Jelurida covered in this Japanese media article. It further illustrates a sum-up of Jelurida milestones achieved in 2021 and future initiatives in the Ardor ecosystem for 2022.

January 20, 2022

20.01.2022 CoinPost
17.01.2022 Orange Finance

Orange Finance: The Chinese crypto media has recently covered the Senator project, the latest-announced project in which Jelurida will collaborate with Accenture to develop several freight logistics solutions for Correos, the Spanish public tender, and the European Union. The EU-funded project had very strict requirements and Ardor blockchain technology has achieved a complete match to all of them, thanks to the PoS consensus mechanism, a public platform with low energy consumption, the multichain architecture, high-data processing capabilities, scalability, the possibility to operate in a permissioned, permissionless or hybrid manner, and the highly decentralized but secure platform.

January 17, 2022

The Top Crypto Gaming Trends To Watch Unfold In 2022

Mashable: Ardor has been mentioned in this article among the projects that will shape blockchain gaming in 2022. The fastest-growing blockchain gaming niche market is rich in P2E games and the platforms on which they are built play a critical role in bringing in more users and crypto investors. Ardor offers native support for NFTs, with no third-party dependency on smart contracts, greater decentralization, high security, and low transaction fees than many other blockchain networks. Developers can utilize several built-in transaction types which provide rich functionalities, flexibility and a wide range of NFT support.

January 11, 2022

11.01.2022 Mashable
10.01.2022 WeChat

WeChat: This article lists five progress worthy of attention and expectation in the Jelurida ecosystem in 2022. Bridge Champ public Beta, the go-live of Mythical Beings second-layer public chain, GeoMorfs NFTs on Triffic app, the QualiSig prototype funded by the Austrian government going live on mainnet, and the EU-funded Senator freight logistics project prototype development.

January 10, 2022

Lior Yaffe:回顾2021,展望2022!

WeChat: Lior Yaffe shared his thoughts about Jelurida 2021 and 2022 on Twitter, which got covered in Chinese media. Jelurida has evolved from a company focused on blockchain infrastructure to a company that develops apps based on the battle-hardened tech Ardor and Ignis blockchain, now celebrating 4 years of first-class innovation. The Jelurida company also has a solid financial foundation, which will enable it to prosper even in a bearish market, and with the Jelurida experienced team, he’s looking forward to a great 2022!

January 03, 2022

03.01.2022 WeChat