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04.06.2022 Cointelegraph Medium
Is education the key to curbing the rise of scammy, high APY projects?

Cointelegraph: As DeFi projects offering insane returns continue to infiltrate the market, Lior Yaffe’s and many other crypto experts’ comments have been mentioned in article. They all share the same idea, that investors should first conduct their due diligence and better understand where the yield originates from to avoid such scams, or at least to evaluate the degree of risks they are taking.

June 04, 2022

Play-To-Earn Gaming Industry Is Garnering Immense Interest from Venture Capital

Finance Magnates: The interest of investors in the P2E blockchain gaming industry continues to rise. Web 3.0 and blockchain-based gaming have unlocked great opportunities for players and game developers, and this article mentions Bridge Champ as one of the few P2E projects that are shaping the future of GameFi. Bridge Champ is an Ardor-Ignis blockchain-powered bridge game developed by Jelurida, and it’s the first platform of its kind to allow online bridge tournaments and competitions with real-world bridge experience through a user-friendly interface. Based on the 2022 roadmap, the development of Bridge Champ is progressing at full speed and new features and innovative solutions will be added soon to further enhance the online bridge play experience, such as a mobile app, NFT registration, social networks integration, and much more.

June 01, 2022

01.06.2022 Finance Medium
24.05.2022 Cointelegraph
El Salvador’s Bitcoin play: What does the current slump mean for adoption?

Cointelegraph: This article analyses whether the current drop in Bitcoin price and the crypto market volatility, in general, has somehow affected El Salvador’s strategy in the adoption of crypto assets as a legal tender and a store of value. Many blockchain and crypto experts stand in El Salvador’s favour and, among others, Lior Yaffe comments that the transition to Bitcoin as legal tender has been a strategic move to position the country as a local tech hub. The evaluation should be made in the long term, rather than on short-term price fluctuations. Besides, he's confident that in the bigger picture, a decentralised currency offers excellent benefits for small and emerging countries that may be struggling to support their local fiat.

May 24, 2022


Deep Cloud Finance: Blockchain gaming is an exciting vertical in the crypto industry, and many developers are exploring new models to increase the appeal of games while maintaining the essence of online gaming: game fairness. Almost all Play-To-Earn games require players to purchase tokens or other digital assets to play, which increases the barriers to entry for new players and the concentration of wealth and assets in clubs, thus going against the decentralization spirit of the blockchain technology. For all these reasons, the Play-To-Own model remains the winning mechanism of P2E. Players will still be able to unlock rewards by levelling up in-game, and they’ll have new ways to apply these assets. This Chinese article covers Bridge Champ for mastering the P2O model, as the world’s first online bridge game platform developed by Jelurida. In Bridge Champ, worldwide users can play with full transparency, all data are open and they can earn official IGNIS tokens while playing and showing excellent bridge skills.

May 23, 2022

23.05.2022 DeepCloud finance
18.05.2022 Coinslot Medium
The Real World Appeal of Mythical Beings, an NFT Card Collection Game on Ardor

Coinslot: This article covers Mythical Beings as one of the most creative and avant-garde projects in the NFT space. Built on the Ardor blockchain with transactions and purchases primarily conducted in $IGNIS token, the game has recently evolved to become multichain, with the possibility for users to bridge to Polygon. The NFT card collection game combines a unique set of cultural values, educational purposes, and captivating artistic illustrations by Ana Santiso. A simple but engaging game set, the collection is based on the cards’ rarity level with different trading options. Together with the genuine passion of the community, the jackpot mechanism keeps the project’s long-term viability. Considering that Ardor use cases have always been above the average in the crypto sphere, Mythical Beings is no exception and it could be a catalyst for wider adoption of the Ignis blockchain.

May 18, 2022


WeChat: Lior Yaffe's introductory video about blockchain technology and entrepreneurship has been covered in this Chinese media article. In the first part, he introduces the basic concepts of blockchain technology, smart contracts and the Ardor blockchain platform. In the second part, he explains the main challenges regarding the management of a blockchain company in the crypto market, such as industry regulations, long-term project output, marketing and community building.

May 16, 2022

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