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20210517 Beeku Defi

Beekuaibao: 2015 年4 月 19日,LiorYaffe当时还是Nxt公链的新人开发,当天系统突然报错,显示Nxt崩溃,无转账记录的空区块被不断产生。在包括Nxt功勋开发Jean-Luc在内的程序员们研究之后发现,是有人利用了程序中的一个bug对系统实施了双花攻击(DoubleSpending),并准备窃取链上的资金,不过幸运的是几年前引入系统的安保代码挫败了这一企图,并成功规避和修复了这次危机。

May 17, 2021

Ardor Gains Momentum in Real-World Enterprise Blockchain Scenarios

BTCManager: One project that stands out is Jelurida, a Swiss software firm responsible for both the Ardor and NXT blockchain networks. Although both ecosystems have been around for a bit, they distinguish themselves in various ways. The Ardor ecosystem, with its multi-chain infrastructure, addresses a crucial drawback of blockchain technology: scalability. Its parent chain links to customizable child chains, allowing for various use cases to be explored independently of one another.

May 11, 2021

20210511 BTCManager Bitcoin
20210510 Wechat Triffic
Triffic开发团队推出GPS Pay Beta,以支持Triffic奖励支付

WeChat: Triffic 和 GPS Pay项目的开发团队Conierz Group Pte Ltd推出了GPS Pay Beta,以支持超本地化(hyperlocal)支付,同时集成Triffic区域中心的创新游戏化机制。GPS Pay是一款支付应用程序,用户可以将其Triffic奖励作为代币,同时支持小额本地购买。除了支付功能,该应用还允许用户与Triffic和Ardor/Ignis 生态系统进行对接。

May 10, 2021

Bitcoin’s upcoming Taproot upgrade and why it matters for the network

Cointelegraph: Lior Yaffe, a co-founder of blockchain software company firm Jelurida, pointed out to Cointelegraph that by combining Schnorr signatures and Merkelized Abstract Syntax Trees, or MAST, Taproot is able to convert the representation of complex Bitcoin transactions, such as multi-signature transactions and transactions used to set up a Lightning channel, to look just like a regular Bitcoin transaction when submitted on-chain.

May 07, 2021

20210507 Cointelegraph Bitcoin
20210506 WeChat Bogoshipo
Bogoshipo强势上线Ardor,探索链游NFT全新玩法 NFT持续出圈

WeChat: 近期币安宣布将推出官方NFT平台,这条消息再次引爆NFT市场,毫无疑问,今年是NFT出圈元年,我们看到了他越来越多的可能性,NFT在艺术品上链、被当成具有防伪标志的门票、资产上链、票据服务、游戏等方面均可以创造巨大的价值。


May 06, 2021

The Aspiring Answers to Bitcoin’s Enormous Energy Footprint ...Not to be left out of the conversation, Jelurida co-founder Lior Yaffe, developers of Nxt the original PoS-based open-source blockchain, opined on the matter, highlighting that the networks he maintains already address the very issue Musk raised. Yaffe explains:

"As one of the core developers of the first pure PoS coin Nxt, and its multichain spinoff Ardor, I’m happy to see that Elon has finally realized that there is no need to burn fossil fuels in order to maintain a decentralized token of value."

May 02, 2021

20210602 Bitcoin Energy Nxt