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31.05.2021 Deep Blue

Deep Blue: We’re facing now a green momentum in the crypto space to move from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake, which is more sustainable, as a result of the controversial waste of energy of mining locations, and Bitcoin's PoW intensive energy footprint. Ardor blockchain, based on Nxt technology with PoS protocol, already offers a unique architecture and advanced functionalities: security of the network on an energy-green protocol, lightweight smart contracts, scalability and interoperability, and out-of-the-box privacy features.

May 31, 2021

Ardor Core Developer And Jelurida Co-founder Doubts ETH 2.0 – Sell Ethereum Now?

InsideBitcoins: ...Among Ignis’s unique selling points is its ability to run what it calls lightweight smart contracts, which means that not every node on the chain needs to be involved in computing and verifying the transactions. That makes smart contracts quicker to deploy and cheaper to run, especially compared to current market leader Ethereum.

May 28, 2021

20210528 InsideBitcoins Lior
20210527 Wechat ArdorNewVersion
区块链技术+AR游戏实现虚拟货币奖励与支付:Ardor 2.3.4上线!

WeChat: AR(增强现实)游戏 Triffic 采用了瑞士区块链开发商Jelurida的技术,宣布已经集成了支付应用程序“GPS Pay”。Triffic和GPS Pay都是由新加坡Coinerz集团开发的项目。


May 27, 2021

Bitcoin Cycles and How They’ve Evolved Over Time

Yahoo Finance: In 2013, people were in shock that the price had climbed from $1 to $1000 in a few short years. This coincided with NXT by Jelurida, the first to implement a pure proof-of-stake consensus protocol. It was both reliable and energy-efficient, and required minimal hardware. The proof-of-stake algorithm coined by NXT has stood the test of time, with no successful attacks since it launched.

May 26, 2021

20210526 Yahoo Bitcoin
20210518 Coinpost AR

Coinpost: Trifficでは、「The Triffic Map」と呼ばれる拡張現実(AR)の仮想フィールドが、現実世界の地図に重ねて表示される。ユーザーは、アプリ内の地図を利用して現実世界を歩き回り、ARで表示されるビーコンと呼ばれる位置情報発信源を見つける。

May 18, 2021

Ardor’s Multi-chain infrastructure gives rise to real-world applications

CryptoNewsFlash: One of the reasons why companies see merit in the Ardor ecosystem is due to its multi-chain architecture. There is one major parent chain, yet an infinite amount of customizable child chains to explore different products, services, and use cases. This approach helps prevent blockchain bloat on the main chain, as all “tasks” can be offloaded to the sidechain in question.

May 17, 2021

20210517 CryptoNewsFlash Ardor