Media Mentions

21.06.2022 ElEconomista Medium
The crash of bitcoin and the rise in electricity suffocate the 'crypto miners': they make losses and the closures accumulate

El Economista: This Spanish media article analyses how the collapse of cryptocurrencies and the skyrocketing energy costs have placed crypto miners in a hard place. Alberto Fernandez defends that, despite the profitability of Bitcoin miners being affected, the companies in which Bitcoin is mined more efficiently might have a good boost by eliminating competition, and therefore they may be surviving and even improving their situation.

June 21, 2022

NFT桥牌多人锦标赛即将上线 Bridge Champ的P2E模式

Metanews: Blockchain-based products and services are continuously evolving to support new use cases in the real world thus accelerating the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology. As mentioned in this Chinese media article, Bridge Champ is the first on-chain platform that integrates the experience of real-world bridge gameplay with blockchain-based features.

June 20, 2022

20.06.2022 Metanews
17.06.2022 Crypto News Flash
Bridge Champ Makes Good Progress On Its Online Bridge Platform Featuring Blockchain and Play-to-earn Mechanics

Crypto News Flash: The Bridge Champ platform recently made great progress, such as improvement of the current functionality, the implementation of "Mini Bridge" for new players, development of the mobile app for iOS and Android, enhancements of the bots and bringing new experts on board. With more exciting developments coming until the end of 2022, the progress of Bridge Champ was featured in this crypto publication with a focus on the upcoming crypto integration with the Ardor/Ignis blockchain and the Play-to-Earn mechanics.

June 17, 2022

Nownodes:如何运行 Ardor (ARDR) 节点?

WeChat: The Ardor platform offers developers the possibility to easily deploy the blockchain while maintaining the security of the network. In this article, you can learn everything you need to know on how to run your ARDR node. NOWNodes is a blockchain-as-a-service provider that enables you to easily connect to an ARDR node through the usage of an API key. Follow the guide and quickly get access to any blockchain data you need.

June 13, 2022

13.06.2022 WeChat
08.06.2022 ECCWS Medium
Two Novel Use-Cases for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

ECCWS: This research paper presents a first introduction of two early-stage demonstrators, for which the researchers used the crypto art platform NFTMagic and the blockchain-token wallet SIGBRO, based on the Ardor-Ignis blockchain. The first case shows how educational credentials can be created, in which different teachers contribute to assessment achievements. The second case study, built on previous research regarding NFTs in the music industry, shows the combination of physical vinyl record special editions, and the ownership certificate as NFT. The results show how blockchain technologies and especially NFTs can be made useful in new ways, inspired by the ongoing process of discovering risks and opportunities in crypto art.

June 08, 2022

【赛事推荐】大脚怪NFT登场!Mythical Beings第四季Sasquatch珍藏

Timi eSports: This article covers the launch of Mythical Beings Season 04. Intrepid adventurers will be able to spot four new creatures, such as Sasquatch, the mythological creature from British Columbia. The new game season has been launched on Ignis blockchain and is also available on Polygon and OpenSea

June 06, 2022

06.06.2022 Timi eSports Medium