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Media Mentions

17.10.2022-Technology Tree Hole
Mythical Beings第五季即将上线!新增卡牌赢取Ignis奖励!

Technology Tree Hole: This Chinese media article covers Mythical Beings, the notable P2E and NFT card collection game on the Ardor blockchain platform. As new mythological creatures are added, such as Maruxaina from Galicia, each season enhances the cultural and educational value of the game. Besides, the online shop now offers any sort of items for Mythical Beings fans and enthusiasts.

October 17, 2022


WeChat: The article outlines why Ardor’s child chains represent an essential part of the Ardor multichain platform and how to create them. Ignis, Ardor’s main child chain, is fully featured and has rich functionality, and hybrid user permissioning capabilities. Ignis is essential to grant Ardor parent chain high scalability and to solve the existing industry problem of blockchain bloat. Moreover, child chains can be created based on the business or project’s needs and organizations can choose to sponsor the transaction fees on their child chain, allowing users to enjoy zero-fee services. The child chain creation is managed by Jelurida with a contract agreement with the child chain operator, to ensure that real-world use cases benefit the Ardor ecosystem.

October 10, 2022


CoinPost: This Japanese crypto media article describes Ignis, the permissionless blockchain platform developed and maintained by Jelurida. Ignis' key unique features, such as Stateless Lightweight Contracts, Asset Control, Aliases, Decentralized Exchange, and so on, make the blockchain platform suitable for various use cases, both for individuals and enterprises. The article also mentions some of the many projects running on the Ignis blockchain: Bridge Champ, Mythical Beings, NFTMagic, SIGBRO, Senator and VesselChain.

October 7, 2022


Chain Game Portals: Web3 games are defined by an open game environment, tokenized game assets as NFTs, decentralized governance models and social channels. This Chinese article covers Bridge Champ as one of the five most remarkable card games in the Web3 gaming economy, where ongoing development and innovation are key factors for projects to endure. Bridge Champ is the first NFT Play-To-Earn online Bridge game developed on the Ardor-Ignis blockchain, and it combines an incentive mechanism, online tournaments and a social context connecting millions of players globally.

October 3, 2022

03.10.2022-Chain Game Portals

WeChat: Important vessel information such as goods traffic, regulation compliance, environmental controls, maintenance certifications, and so on, are now managed with very little transparency, visibility and costly time-consuming procedures. This article covers VesselChain, the new Jelurida pilot project in collaboration with BMT, a Spanish leading company in technical and logistical marine services worldwide. The project aims to increase industry efficiency and business revenues by storing all relevant vessel information in a shared and tamper-proof database, the Ignis blockchain, and for the first time in form of public NFT assets, without compromising business privacy or confidential information. For the VesselChain project, Ignis blockchain has been selected as the most suitable blockchain platform based on PoS, which grants energy efficiency, and its nodes can run in small devices such as a blackberry pi or an Android smartphone.

September 26, 2022

Five Blockchain Projects To Focus On 2023

Crypto Daily: Despite the current bear market, continuous development and innovation endure in the blockchain space. This article mentions Bridge Champ as one of the five projects that are showing consistency in the developmental promise they offer, their growing communities, the long-term value they will offer and, most importantly, their level of innovation in the blockchain space. By investing in Bridge Champ, Jelurida is aiming to capture this gaming market, combining Bridge gameplay with online tournaments and a social context that connects millions of players globally.

September 22, 2022

22.09.2022-Crypto Daily