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20210428 Coinpost NFT_0
How is Crypto Strengthening Local Business?

TechTimes: One fun app is encouraging users to get back out into the outdoors and to start interacting with local businesses. Triffic is as its name suggests a terrific game for those who are looking to combine their daily walk, or shop with a gaming format. Walk, run, cycle, drive or crawl; no matter how you do it, the more you move, the more Triffic miles you collect.  You can be incentivized and rewarded for moving about and collect your rewards in cryptocurrency. Find treasures on your outdoor explorations and use the wealth you accrue from the app to buy your own plots in the Triffic map. Then earn money from your own plots of land.

April 28, 2021


Coinpost: スイスを拠点としたブロックチェーン開発企業、ジェルリダ(Jelurida)が開発するアーダー(Ardor)チェーンエコシステム内で、NFT(Non-Fungible Token/非代替性トークン)やブロックチェーンゲームに関連したプロジェクトの開発が加速している。

ジェルリダが実際に開発を率いているオンチェーン版のトランプゲーム「Bridge Champ」だけでなく、先日公式ウェブサイトがローンチされたばかりのNFTペットゲーム「Bogoshipo」や、オーストリア政府から資金援助を受けたゲームプロジェクト「HotCity」を初めとした、多数のコミュニティ主導のNFT・ゲームプロジェクトが、プラットフォームとしてアーダーを選択。

April 28, 2021

20210428 Coinpost NFT
20210428 BTZNewz Move
Get Up, Move More, and Be Rewarded

BTCNewz: Apart from the natural health benefits of moving more and the psychological benefits, some companies have decided to incentivize people to move more. Triffic which is a blockchain app is encouraging people to get moving around their local area while supporting their community businesses. This AR app rewards its users in cryptocurrency payments with its native token, GPS. Users collect GPS rewards for just going out and moving more. They can be rewarded for going shopping, driving the car, or even taking the dog out for a walk. This is driving real incentives to people to get moving more.

April 28, 2021

How Ardor Leverages Blockchain Technology For Real-World Use Cases

BTCManager: Over the past few years, there has been a lot of excitement regarding blockchain technology in an enterprise environment. While some of the initial hype has calmed down, several projects continue to push the boundaries of what can be achieved. One notable example is Jelurida, the Swiss software firm behind both the Ardor and NXT blockchain ecosystems. 

What sets Ardor apart from the competing ecosystem is its focus on multi-chain architecture. More specifically, it maintains a central parent chain that gives way to customizable child chains. Taking this approach allows Ardor to break through some constraints other ecosystems will face. Removing the need for holding native tokens to transact on a particular chain is an essential aspect. Additionally, Ardor’s child chains help alleviate blockchain bloat, an aspect holding several public blockchains today.

April 27, 2021

20210427 BTCManager Ardor
20210423 Wechat Jelurida
Jelurida: 加入Ardor节点赚取IGNIS,开启POS挖矿!

WeChat: Ardor是一个多链区块链平台,具有独特的母子链架构。整个网络的安全性由母链Ardor提供,而可交互操作的子链具有丰富的功能。这种优雅的设计和对混合用户授予访问权限是灵活使用的关键,并为主流行业采用区块链技术打开了大门。不仅如此,Ardor在创建时就考虑了可扩展性,并解决了许多现有的行业问题,例如区块链膨胀、单令牌依赖性以及对易于自定义且兼容的区块链解决方案的需求。.

April 23, 2021


Coinpost: ブロックチェーン開発企業ジェルリダ(Jelurida)のアフリカ支部、ジェルリダ・アフリカ(Jelurida Africa)が、3月初旬から約1ヶ月間、アフリカ諸国で教育目的のオンラインミートアップを開催した。


April 23, 2021

20210423 Coinpost Jelurida