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20210430 WeChat POP POS

WeChat: 4月22日,Jelurida联合创始人兼架构师Lior 与核心开发Sergi共同出席了JAVA全球开发峰会,并在会上分别向来宾讲解了桥牌冠军(Bridge Champ)和Ardor公链的技术细节。


这就是我们开发桥牌冠军(Bridge Champ)项目的原因,大家都知道桥牌是一个复杂的游戏,需要很高的游戏经验,风险管理和聪明的策略。

April 30, 2021

Ardor-Based GPS Pay Launched in Beta by Triffic App

U.Today: ...To accomplish the new ambitious milestone, Coinerz introduces a meaningful addition to its advisory team. Henri Holm, former CFO of Nokia Greater China and SVP of Rovio Entertainment, Angry Birds developer, enters the office as Coinerz' head of advisors. Mr. Holm is excited about the opportunity to exchange in-game money for "external" cryptos Ardor and Ignis which, in turn, will lead to the broadest retail adoption of these solutions

April 30, 2021

20210430 UToday Ardor-Based GPS Pay
20210430 Investing Coinerz
Coinerz Group Launches GPS Pay Beta Payments App in the realm of excellency, Singapore-based Coinerz Group Pte Ltd, the creators of the Triffic and GPS Pay projects, launches the GPS Pay Beta. This is in a bid to support local payments. More so, it integrates with Triffic’s innovative gamification mechanics centered around a user’s local area.

In brief, Coinerz Group Pte Ltd publishes gamified experiences that help communities take back control of their local commerce. Additionally, the company’s Triffic and GPS Pay mobile apps run on top of the GPS Token blockchain network.

April 30, 2021

Triffic Launches On Mainnet After Successful Ardor Hard Fork

Coincodex: Coinerz Group, the company behind the blockchain-powered augmented reality app Triffic, have launched the beta of their GPS Pay product. GPS Pay is described as the sister app of Triffic, as it allows users to spend the rewards that they earn through the Triffic app. The GPS token Ardor child chain is also used by the Triffic app to incorporate non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Users will be able to buy NFTs in the Triffic app that represent an area in the real world, and benefit from the revenue generated by the beacons in that area.

April 30, 2021

20210430 coincodex GPS Pay launches Beta
20210430 BTCNewz GPS Pay
Creators of Triffic App Launch GPS Pay Beta

BTCNewz: A decentralized cryptocurrency exchange on GPS Pay lets users convert Ardor and Ignis tokens without going through a centralized platform. The app also features a decentralized NFT market, which lets users buy and sell virtual land on the Triffic Map. The Triffic Map is an augmented reality game where players hold virtual titles to real world land. The map of the world has been divided into hexagons of 62,500 sqm, equivalent to a square with a 250m side. Players can lease or buy these plots of virtual land and receive revenue from Beacons located in that territory. Ownership of the territory is denoted by a special NFT issued on the Ardor-based GPS Token blockchain, a full child of the Ardor chain.

April 30, 2021

Interoperability in the Crypto Space

IHold: Ardor with its multi chain approach to the blockchain whereby a unique parent - child chain structure is built. The security of the entire network lies in the parent Ardor chain. Ardor is a product by Jelurida, the company that is also responsible for NXT, the first POS blockchain. NXT is so old that it was even mentioned in Ethereum’s first whitepaper as a project that conducted a very successful ICO and thus this is one of the reasons that Ethereum chose the ICO model in the first place. Jelurida has been known for quite some time as a pioneer in the crypto space.

April 29, 2021

20210429 IHodl interoperability