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Ardor Blockchain Selected For Inclusion In Austrian Government-Funded Sustainable Energy Project A sustainable energy project funded by the Austrian government has launched its testnet on the Ardor public blockchain. The project, called HotCity, has announced that it will use the Ardor platform to power its gamification protocols, which help to crowdsource locations that are generating waste heat. Once the source is verified, participants are rewarded for their contribution in digital tokens or vouchers stored on Ardor’s main child chain, known as Ignis.

May 30, 2020

How blockchain is tackling a mountain of electronic waste

Decrypt: HotCity, an Austrian government-funded initiative, tracks waste heat in cities through gamification; players traipse around the city and record information about various forms of heat waste, such as chimneys. They’re rewarded with points, which are logged on—you guessed it—a blockchain. (Specifically, the Ardor public one). “We can run our full nodes on a Raspberry Pi 3 or even on your mobile phone, maybe draining a little bit more of the battery. But that's it,” said Alexander Pfeiffer, co-founder of the blockchain startup behind the project, Picapipe.

May 29, 2020

Austrian Government Backs a Project that will Identify Waste Heat Hotspots using Blockchain

Coincodex: The Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) announced on May 12th that they are developing HotCity, a blockchain-based platform that will rely on gamification and token rewards to crowdsource heat waste hotspots and channel them to provide public heating. The platform will operate on the Ignis blockchain, which is part of the Ardor ecosystem developed by Swiss company Jelurida.

May 14, 2020

Lior Yaffe from Jelurida on How Covid-19 Uncovers the Flaws in Our Money System

Hackernoon: "What I see is how the pandemic is exposing the inefficiency and inequality of the existing fiat system. Governments are printing money to bailout those who recklessly spent it during the good years. Banks lending government-backed money to those who don't need it instead of helping businesses in distress." - Lior Yaffe, Co-Founder, Jelurida

May 13, 2020

Austria to trial blockchain for waste heat data collection

Ledger Insights: Austria’s HotCity initiative announced a blockchain proof-of-concept (PoC) to crowdsource waste heat for use in other processes. The Austrian government-funded project aims to make neighbourhoods energy efficient and develop ‘plus-energy districts’. The platform enables citizens to find and submit data from sources such as physical inspections, photos, or Google Maps. Based on the collected data, HotCity can map the quality and quantity of waste heat sources. For their participation, citizens will be given reward points, or tokens which will be recorded on the Ignis Child Chain, a part of the Ardor blockchain ecosystem. These tokens could potentially be used for other vouchers and services.

May 13, 2020

Austrian Government-Funded HotCity Project Launches Blockchain for Gamifying Energy-Oriented Neighborhood Planning

Yahoo finance: HotCity, a sustainable energy project funded by the Austrian government and operated by various partners, is pleased to announce it is launching its testnet on the Ardor public blockchain. HotCity uses gamification powered by blockchain technology to crowdsource waste heat that will be directed into neighborhoods, making them more energy-efficient. HotCity has received a 310,000 Euro grant from the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation, and Technology (the BMK.) Funding is delivered via the "City of the Future #5th Call" program processed by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG).

May 13, 2020