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Nodes Are Back in Vogue as Ardor and Nxt Launch Node Reward Program

Coinspeaker: Ardor and Nxt’s decision to enlist more node operators from the crypto community is one that will not attract controversy. In a bid to encourage more people to establish a node, and assist with transaction validation and propagation, Ardor and Nxt have unveiled a new reward program. 10,000 IGNIS tokens will be made available daily to entities that run a node on either of the Jelurida-maintained blockchain networks. In particular, a call has been put out for more API nodes that are used by enterprises to access client applications on both chains.

April 1, 2020

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Ardor and Nxt Launch Node Rewards Program With 10K IGNIS Daily Reward

Yahoo finance: Ardor and Nxt, the blockchain networks overseen by software development company Jelurida, have released details of their node reward program. Both chains are seeking to increase the number of full nodes to help further distribute the network, support block and transaction propagation and validation, and incentivize community involvement. Through creating and operating an API node, users can help validate transactions while earning a portion of the daily node rewards.

April 1, 2020

As Social Distancing Becomes The New Norm, Triffic AR Crypto Game Does Its Part

Many people all across the world are attempting to stay at home and keep themselves and their loved ones safe. With this in mind, one free augmented reality game, Triffic is doing its part to promote social distancing amongst its user base. At the end of last week on the 26th of March, the start-up revealed on Twitter that beta users are now able to collect limited indoor special items. This includes things like face masks, hand sanitiser and of course, toilet roll.

March 30, 2020

AR Crypto Game Makes an Impact on Social Distancing

Triffic, a free augmented reality game that rewards players with cryptocurrency, is doing their part to promote social distancing among their user base. On March 26, the startup announced on twitter that beta users can now collect limited indoor special items, such as toilet rolls, hand sanitizers, and facemasks. By participating, users could help raise money to help fight COVID-19.“Triffic is raising up to $10,000 for COVID-19 Response by donating GPSTokens every time a beta user collects an AugmentedReality, toilet roll, hand sanitizer or #facemask.”

March 30, 2020

Augmented Reality App Triffic App Is Gamifying the Fight Against COVID-19

Users of Triffic’s augmented app wishing to join the fight against COVID-19 can move about to collect reward beacons within their own quarantine location. To match the spirit of the times, and inject a little fun into a worthy cause, Triffic has created augmented reality toilet rolls, sanitizer and facemasks that will spawn in the user’s location. Collecting as many as possible will maximize the amount that is contributed towards the COVID-19 program. So far, more than 26,000 GPS tokens worth hundreds of dollars have been donated to the cause.

March 30, 2020

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How Will the Corona Pandemic Impact Crypto Adoption? Experts Weigh In

Lior Yaffe believes this disparity in approach between different governments is also visible in the efforts to tackle coronavirus and explains how he thinks it’s hindering success in both cases: “A much better approach to dealing with the pandemic would have been for a global team of experts, responsible for the wellbeing of humanity, to issue guidelines based on objective information, thus setting aside political considerations.

May 23, 2020