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Questions businesses need to ask before choosing a blockchain platform

Information-age: There are other more robust and revolutionary offerings, such as Ardor from Jelurida, which offers decentralised public blockchains for solutions to be built on top, as well as interesting and unique built-in features. These include hybrid permissioning, which allows companies the chance to implement their own business access rules and permission systems for a dedicated child chain, or side chain, which has its own functions but still lets the business enjoy the full network effect and the decentralisation of the public platform.

April 16, 2020

A Guide to Integrating Blockchain Technology in Your Business Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) is now also becoming increasingly available to organizations of all sizes. Swiss-based Jelurida offers BaaS under its Consensus-as-a-Service model. The Jelurida team has been around in the blockchain sector for the last six years, now offering clients access to its public blockchain infrastructure, Ardor, and Nxt. The company's flagship platform, Ardor, is an established blockchain offering privacy and customizable security features.

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Crypto is Feeling the Impact of Coronavirus, But Should We Be Panicking?

CryptoGlobe Lior Yaffe's article: In the long-term, it’s likely that the objective effect of the coronavirus on the operation of blockchain protocols and the work of blockchain developers is going to be negligible. As long as there’s electricity and an internet connection, blockchain protocols can continue to operate irrespectively. Furthermore, speaking as a blockchain developer, I’m so used to working remotely that being quarantined isn’t really noticeably different from any other working conditions.

April 11, 2020

Ihodl Main News of the 1st of April 2020

Ihodl (Spanish): Ardor y Nxt lanzan un programa de recompensas para nodos con una recompensa diaria de 10.000 tokens IGNIS. Ardor y Nxt, las redes blockchain supervisadas por la empresa de desarrollo de software Jelurida, han publicado nuevos detalles sobre su programa de recompensas para nodos, según se desprende de un comunicado de prensa compartido con iHodl. Ambos blockchains pretenden así aumentar el número de nodos completos con el fin de ayudar a distribuir aún más la red, apoyar la propagación y validación de bloques y transacciones, e incentivar la participación de la comunidad.

April 1, 2020

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Ardor and Nxt launches reward program to incentivize full nodes

Crypto News Flash: This week, Ardor and Nxt, two blockchain networks operating under the umbrella of Jelurida, a software development company focused on enterprise blockchain adoption, have provided users with details about their node reward program that strives to increase the number of nodes on their networks. These additional nodes are necessary to further distribute their network, support block and transaction propagation and validation, and to incentivize community involvement. This essential expansion serves as a boon for users, who earn a portion of daily node rewards in exchange for validating transactions on the network.

April 1, 2020

Nodes Are Back in Vogue as Ardor and Nxt Launch Node Reward Program

Coinspeaker: Ardor and Nxt’s decision to enlist more node operators from the crypto community is one that will not attract controversy. In a bid to encourage more people to establish a node, and assist with transaction validation and propagation, Ardor and Nxt have unveiled a new reward program. 10,000 IGNIS tokens will be made available daily to entities that run a node on either of the Jelurida-maintained blockchain networks. In particular, a call has been put out for more API nodes that are used by enterprises to access client applications on both chains.

April 1, 2020

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