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Jelurida Weekly Wins

07 November 2022


Jelurida Korea Meetup session at BWB2022

From October 27 to October 29, Jelurida Korea took part in the BWB 2022, the blockchain conference in Busan City, Korea. In addition to welcoming crypto enthusiasts to the booth and showcasing the remarkable projects in the Ardor ecosystem, Jelurida held a Corporate Meetup session on October 29 with a great audience, while most of the meetups were cancelled for no-shows. Crypto trading companies, public blockchain developers for gaming and businesses, and KBIPA members (Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association) got very much interested in the topic of Ardor public blockchain use cases in the public sector, such as the Senator project. The news is also covered in this Chinese media article.

Learn more about Ardor integration on Bridge Champ

Bridge Champ is not just an online gaming platform. It is the first-of-its-kind gaming application developed on blockchain technology, the Ardor multi-chain platform. This Chinese media article highlights the important features that have been implemented on Bridge Champ thanks to the Ardor blockchain integration. Therefore, Bridge Champ can serve as a perfect use case for other Ardor-based dApps developed by third parties.

Anna was a panel speaker at TradExpoIndonesia

Anna participated in the Trade Expo Indonesia 2022, the greatest trade exhibition in Indonesia. She joined the main stage as one of the panel speakers to discuss blockchain technology, DeFi, and crypto as tools to support trade in Indonesia.

Senator - One of Ardor's use cases in the public sector

Blockchain technology is not only about NFTs and DeFi. There are endless use case possibilities. This week we present Senator, one of Ardor’s use cases in the public sector. Jelurida is collaborating with Accenture, after winning a public tender from Correos, on the EU-funded project to develop governance schemes on user demand planning, transport planning, freight and logistics planning, to optimally manage urban planning policies. The Ardor blockchain technology met all the requirements as a public platform with more than 1000 nodes, multi-chain, the possibility to operate in a hybrid way with permissions, Proof of Stake, and low power consumption.

Elisa represented Jelurida at the Lugano Plan B Forum

On October 28-29, Elisa represented Jelurida at the Plan B Forum, the first yearly conference about blockchain and crypto in Lugano. Four key points can describe the Lugano Plan B, for which the city of Lugano is going to invest in the next years: Blockchain educational courses for university students, one crypto hub for local start-ups in the city centre, dApps and Web3 projects with local businesses, and crypto adoption and crypto payments for all the population in Lugano.

Ignis - the most advanced PoS public blockchain yet!

Get ready for your next blockchain project! We provide you with the most advanced public blockchain, Ignis. It is Ardor’s main child chain, with 20+ built-in features that enhance the Proof-of-Stake efficiency of the Ardor platform and make it suitable for a great variety of use cases. Learn more about public or private blockchain implementation, and don’t hesitate to contact us!

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!