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Jelurida Weekly Wins

04 May 2020


Nxt v1.12.2 has been released with support for full node on Android!

Last week we released a new Nxt v1.12.2! The most important novelty of this new release is the continuation of our Blockchain Anywhere initiative - this time with introducing Nxt full node on Android! Remaining true to real decentralization and thanks to our energy efficient Proof-0f-Stake algorithm, running Nxt on your mobile phone all the time is now also possible. With this you can participate in the PoS consensus, forge new blocks and process transactions with nothing more than your smartphone or Android device! The Android Full Node package is available from the official Nxt downloads page.

The spike in the number of Nxt and Ardor nodes highlighted by Cointelegraph

Recently we announced our new reward program for users running full Ardor or Nxt nodes. This latest initiative immediately gathered a lot of attention among the crypto community and, as a result, the number of both Ardor and Nxt online and open nodes increased significantly and caught the attention of Cointelegraph too. We are happy with the success of the program and invite everybody who wish to participate to check out the dedicated tutorial.

Top 5 decentralization trends - Lior quoted on

The respected focuses on the top 5 decentralization trends to watch in 2020. With the turmoil in global economy and unprecedented global crisis it is no surprise that people want to have more control over many aspects of their lives - and especially their personal finances, to disconnect from centralized systems and to look for alternatives. Privacy and security, storage of data, even marketing and advertising are areas that are exploring ways to decentralization and of course the blockchain technology which is the best tool to ensure that needs to be able to answer adequately these new trends. Don't miss Lior's quote in that regard - about the advantages the permissioned applications on a public blockchain.

The new version of Nxt featured on Techpoint Africa

Techpoint Africa dedicated a whole article to the new Nxt release and the now available option to run a full node on Android devices. The publication also explains the advantages of these solution alongside the Nxt's legendary status since 2013 and its track record of introducing blockchain innovation.

Decentralized Governance, an inevitable evolution of democracy - Adedayo's new Medium article 

Dig deep into important aspects about the fundamentals of our society with Adedayo and his new Medium article. Read Adedayo's view about the history, evolution and current state of democracy and the opportunity we have now for truly decentralized governance thanks to blockchain technology.

iHodl Spain mentions our node running rewards program

One more publication last week mentioned our successful node running reward program - the Spanish iHodl, which included it in their main daily news overview.

The weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!