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31 March 2020

Ardor and Nxt Rewards Program


We are excited to announce the new node reward program for both Ardor and Nxt!

Starting today, April 1, all users running Ardor or Nxt full nodes will have the chance to win IGNIS tokens. 10000 IGNIS (5000 for Ardor node runners and 5000 for Nxt node running users) will be distributed daily for the next 6 months! Our goal is to increase the number of nodes on our public blockchains and in this way improve the overall experience for our users.

A lightweight smart contract will randomly select one of the registered nodes and submit a reward transaction to the reward account published by the node.

The daily rewards of 5000 IGNIS for each blockchain will be distributed as follows:

2000 IGNIS will be distributed between users running a node with the latest version of the software, with open peer communication and with an up to date copy of the blockchain. Additional 2000 IGNIS will be distributed between nodes that configure open API port in addition to the above requirements, and 1000 IGNIS will be distributed on top between nodes running as archival node.

To associate a node with its reward account, participants of the program must complete a simple registration process, which includes sending an encrypted message on the blockchain.

The higher your node up-time, the better your chance to receive a reward, therefore setting a 24x7 cloud node is recommended.

Find detailed description and instructions in the Node Rewards tutorial.

Please submit your questions on the helpdesk channel on our slack (request an invite here).