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What is Ignis?


Whitepaper Roadmap Explorers and Exchanges

Ignis is the main child chain of Ardor and an essential part of the platform. More than 20 built-in features on the Ignis child chain complement the proof-of-stake efficiency of the platform and make it suitable for a large variety of use cases. While the parent Ardor chain provides the security of the whole network, all the action happens on Ignis.

Whether for individual use or as a basis of a blockchain project - there is little that Ignis can't do. Its functionality includes a fully decentralized asset exchange, voting, messaging, monetary system, marketplace, data cloud, conditional execution of transactions, shuffling and more.

Furthermore, all transactions that modify global entities for the whole Ardor platform such as accounts or assets, are done by default on the Ignis child chain, such as asset issuance, account and asset control, account properties, login by alias. Our latest innovation - the stateless lightweight smart contracts, are used to automate calls to the platform's APIs across child chains and are deployed exclusively on the Ignis child chain.