Ardor and Ignis Roadmap

The first block of the Ardor mainnet was forged shortly after midnight on January 1st, 2018, marking the launch of the first public multi-chain blockchain ecosystem.

Together with the parent chain, three child chains were also activated at launch - Ignis, AEUR, and Bitswift. For the first time in history, multiple transactions submitted to a child chain could be bundled into a single transaction on the parent chain, the security of each child chain being ensured by the proof-of-stake consensus on the parent chain.

The Ardor public blockchain has been running stable ever since, and is under active development according to our roadmap below.

2019 Roadmap

Q1 - Q2 2019 Delivered as promised

  • MPG Child Chain
  • Lightweight Contracts
  • Token Balance Migration
  • Shamir Secret Sharing
  • Coin Exchange Enhancements
  • Child Chain Control Infrastructure
  • Loadtest and Benchmark Results

Q3 2019 Testing

  • Full Node on Android devices - for advanced IOT use cases
  • Wallet walk through - newbie friendly tutorial
  • Child Chain Control in production - pending appropriate use case

Q4 2019 In development

  • Pruning and Snapshots on Testnet
    • Remove child chain transactions from the blockchain when their state is stable
    • Share state snapshots between nodes
    • Support archival nodes for retrieving pruned child transactions
  • Hardware Wallet Integration
  • Wallet UI Modernization

Research projects Our vision for 2020 and on

  • Subnets
  • Secure Voting
  • Cryptographic Tools
  • Java Modules
  • Automatic Node Provisioning and Setup
  • Confidential Node Configuration

Project History


  • Ardor launched in production. ARDR tokens distributed to airdrop participants
  • Ignis child chain is live. IGNIS tokens distributed to crowdsale and airdrop participants
  • Stabilization period
  • Asset Properties
  • Transaction Vouchers
  • Asset, Currency, Goods specific Bundlers
  • Translation of wallet to 14 languages


  • Ardor Public Testnet launched
  • Cross-chain decentralized coin exchange
  • Bundling system
  • Redesigned peer networking
  • Ignis crowdsale performed on the Nxt blockchain
  • Ignis and Ardor airdrop snapshots taken


  • Ardor asset issued on the Nxt blockchain
  • Ardor tokens distributed to Nxt holders after a 3 month snapshot period