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Ardor Load Test Report 05/2019

20 May 2019


Jelurida understands blockchain technology needs to be accessible. That’s why the company has been engaged in a multi-stage process to simplify the experience of building on the blockchain.

It began with the launch of the Ardor platform in 2018, which streamlined the process of launching fully-featured enterprise blockchains with minimal node maintenance and no central company controlling the cloud your data gets stored on.

Then, the company launched the expansive Ardor Learning Hub in early 2019 with detailed descriptions of the platform’s features, examples of each of the 250+ APIs available on Ardor child chains, and numerous step-by-step tutorials for getting started.

Now, after more than two months of testing and analysis at Jelurida’s Lugano-based blockchain laboratory, the Ardor Load Test Report 05/2019 is available to the public. The report shows the platform sustaining 100+ transactions per second for 10 days and serves as a transparent benchmarking tool to complement field tests by businesses and developers.

While many competitors make outrageous claims about their network throughput in unrealistic testing environments, Jelurida is proud to provide the type of levelheaded, science-based data that businesses and governments rely on to engage with distributed ledger systems.

Anyone interested is encouraged to read the full Ardor Load Test Report below.

Ardor Loadtest Report 05/2019