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Nxt - for your project

The public Nxt blockchain provides several built-in decentralized applications that are ready to use in just a few clicks:

Nxt blockchain

  • You can issue an asset on the decentralized exchange, trade it, pay dividends to its holders, and even conduct customized voting based on asset shares held.
  • You can list digital or physical goods for sale on the decentralized marketplace, with pictures, and receive reviews from buyers.
  • You can conduct a crowdfunding campaign using the various types of monetary system currencies, or issue a currency used exclusively for voting.
  • You can create decentralized polls with multiple questions and then count the votes based on several possible voting models - such as by account, by balance, or by asset balance.


The Nxt blockchain also provides some basic building blocks on top of which you can build even more complicated applications:

  • Plain text or encrypted messages can be sent between accounts or attached to another transaction.
  • Data can be uploaded to the data cloud and tagged with keywords to be searchable.
  • Transaction execution can be made conditional, requiring approval by whitelisted accounts, by voting, by revealing a shared secret or publishing another transaction, enabling the potential for atomic coupling between transactions, including cross-blockchain coupling.
  • Accounts can also be tagged with metadata to allow whitelisting or KYC-approval.

Nxt blockchain

All these features can be used within the browser-based wallet or programmatically thanks to the http API with more than 250 API calls.

Finally, if the built-in set of applications and transaction types is still not sufficient for your project, you can use the Nxt software as a framework for a custom blockchain under the Jelurida Public License and launch a new blockchain instance based on it.

For private blockchain implementations based on Nxt software contact us at for commercial and academic licensing and support.