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Nxt Blockchain Creation Kit

The Nxt Blockchain Creation Kit allows blockchain developers to create and launch their own blockchain platform based on Nxt

The Nxt public blockchain supports many use cases out of the box, but some custom applications may require modifications that affect the underlying consensus mechanism, and cannot be done just by using the public API or even by creating a customized client. Such modifications are for example adding new transaction types, defining new phasing models, changing the coin inflation, modifying block parameters, altering the proof of stake algorithm, etc. When incompatible changes like this do not match the roadmap and priorities of the Jelurida team, they cannot be implemented on the Nxt public blockchain.

The Nxt Blockchain Creation Kit is intended to cover such use cases. Released with full source code available, it allows anyone to rely on the existing robust and proven Nxt blockchain technology for their own specific application, and spawn a new public blockchain, with its own token, and unique features, as permitted by the open source Jelurida Public License for the Nxt blockchain.

To start a new blockchain project using this kit, follow the instructions in the file (

As a minimum, you will need to define the genesis block accounts and parameters for your new blockchain in the corresponding conf/data/genesisParameters.json and conf/data/genesisAccounts.json files. The JPLSnapshot utility add-on, already present in the Nxt Reference Software (NRS) v1.11.8 or later, is designed to make the process simple, by taking a snapshot of the current public Nxt blockchain, automatically allocating 10% of the new blockchain tokens to existing Nxt holders at the time of the snapshot, and merging this list of accounts with the list of genesis block accounts for your project to create a single genesisAccounts.json configuration file. This video walks you through the process:

Note that the Nxt Blockchain Creation Kit is not intended for end users, but for developers who want to create a new blockchain. If you want to experiment with a ready-to-use, private blockchain, for testing and evaluation purposes, the Private Blockchain Evaluation Kit may be more suitable.

Also note that any blockchain project created using this Nxt Blockchain Creation Kit, and in general any work derived from the Nxt codebase, must observe the Jelurida Public License conditions, such as being released as open source under the same license terms, and satisfying the JPL 10% sharedrop requirement. See also our JPL FAQ for more details. If you would like your project to be exempt from these terms, please contact Jelurida at for a custom commercial license.

Nxt Blockchain Creation Kit (1.12.3):