Jelurida Weekly Wins

22 June 2020


Leading crypto media covers the Ardor-powered Austrian QualiSig project!

Last week it was announced that one more interesting project has joined the growing Ardor ecosystem! The Ignis child chain tokenizing system will be utilized by the Austrian government funded QualiSig project whose goal is to facilitate secure communication between Austrian authorities, institutions and citizens. Launched by Austrian trust service provider A-Trust in partnership with several organizations including the Donau-Universität Krems, QualiSig's goal is to ensure secure communication channels for data exchange in times of crisis. The news was largely covered by leading crypto media such as Coindesk, Cointelegraph, Coinspeaker, CryptoNews and many others blockchain related and traditional media outlets elaborating more details about the projects and the three prototypes centered around the Covid-19 fight and prevention efforts.

New Ardor version has been released!

New Ardor version is now available! It comes with lots of new features, performance and UI improvements and a Ledger hardware wallet integration! Some of the most interesting new features include HD accounts, configuration manager, wallet walkthrough. This is still an experimental release but it can be used on mainnet too. For the testnet the new version activated the child chain control and a new child chain for Triffic in preparation for their upcoming mainnet launch. Download the new release from the official Ardor Downloads page, and find everything about the exciting new features and improvements in the complete release notes.

Lior to speak at Mobility Talks organized by EIT Urban Mobility and Jelurida

Save July 09 in your calendar for the Mobility Talks organized by EIT Urban Mobility and Jelurida! Register for the event to learn how blockchain technology is relevant for the urban mobility industry, to get to know startups working on blockchain-based use cases and to listen to the closing panel with Lior's participation.

Watch the video of the Ardor Virtual Workshop with Sergi Baila

If you missed the Ardor Virtual Workshop with Sergi last week, now you can watch the whole video at crowdcast. In the workshop you can find out more about the built-in Ignis features and more specifically about the asset system and the various approval models you can build around it without having to write a single line of code!

An Ardor node at CryptoPlaza - read the article

Recently we reported that CryptoPlaza has launched their official Ardor node. Now you can read more in the dedicated articles in Spanish and English to find out about the whole process, the CryptoPlaza DAO ecosystem and the flexible approval models used during the configuration.

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!