Jelurida Weekly Wins

01 June 2020


Ardor app is now available on Ledger Manager, ready for the upcoming Ardor 2.3.0e

The Ledger team has made the Ardor Ledger App available in the experimental feed of Ledger Manager software. Users of Ledger Nano S can install it even now, by enabling developer mode under experimental features, and, as soon as Ardor 2.3.0e is released, they will be able to use their hardware wallets to safely manage their Ardor accounts and perform transactions with ARDR, IGNIS, and any of the child chain tokens or assets of the Ardor ecosystem.

Translation of to Korean is in progress

After completing the Spanish translation, our website in being translated to Korean as well! soon our awesome Korean community will be able to find the content of the Ardor, Ignis and Nxt home pages, features, "for your project". etc. directly at!

Ardor, Ignis and Nxt covered in Chinese media

Recently we are more engaged with our Chines community too - our popular Weekly Wins series is regularly translated to Chinese and we have now a dedicated WeChat account. Last week an introductory article about Jelurida and our blockchain products has been published in DeepChain Finance, a solid media outlet ranked top 10 in Chinese Crypto media industry. Since its establishment in 2017, DeepChain Finance has published more than 2000 in-depth articles and more than 10000 original articles, and has organized nearly 100 in-depth industrial salons around the world, which has been unanimously recognized by the industry. The article goes into details about the history of Jelurida, the first pure PoS blockchain Nxt, the Ardor multi-chain platform and its main child chain Ignis.

TokenTuber with a dedicated section for Ardor

TokenTuber - the curated video platform exclusive to blockchain content for novice and crypto traders and dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrency education, has included Ardor in its Altcoin Intros Video Section. Except an intro video, the page features a brief description of Ardor and Jelurida and useful links for everybody who wish to learn more.

Ardor featured on

Last week Ardor was featured to one more website which provides insights about blockchain, protocols and solutions -! The description focuses on Ardor's unique parent - child chain architecture, its scalability and business-ready features.

ICYMI: Join our node running rewards program and win IGNIS every day!

In case you missed it - our latest reward program is up and running with remarkable success! You can also join the hundreds of people already participating by running a full Ardor or Nxt node. Remember that 10000 IGNIS (5000 for Ardor node runners and 5000 for Nxt node running users) are being distributed daily!