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Jelurida Weekly Wins

27 April 2020


Why out-of-the-box blockchain technology is now more relevant than ever - Veronica's new article

In times of global crisis affecting all areas of our lives businesses need to adapt quickly in order to survive and to stay competitive and cost-effective. This is even more relevant for technology companies which have to constantly evolve and be up to date with disruptive technologies. Businesses and projects need to search for the fastest out-of-the-box solutions and the companies using blockchain technology are no exception. At the same time, now, more than ever, blockchain platforms and technology providers must offer solutions that are easy to implement, provide a lot of flexibility, and shorten the development process. Read how Jelurida and the Ardor platform are addressing this issues in the new article by Veronica Torras.

Ardor's Consensus-as-a-Service highlighted by

One more article is offering a guide how to integrate blockchain technology in your business - this time in The article underlines that companies have to follow a practical approach and be sure if they really need to use a blockchain in their operations before choosing a setup. Once this need is identified, businesses may look for the right solutions for them and they very often come from blockchain-as-a-service providers which save the companies the need to have their own dedicated in-house blockchain development team. In this line of thought, Ardor is also explained as one of the available options with its unique consensus-as-a-service flexible approach.

Software integrity verification using blockchain - webinar with Francisco

Last week Francisco conducted a webinar on the topic "Software integrity verification with blockchain" which was promoted by the Association of Telecom Engineers from Catalonia ( and the meetup community. The webinar explained how to use the new SCB (Software Checksum Blockchain) to help ISV’s (Independent Software Vendors) secure their software downloads from the internet from malicious attacks.The concept is the following: SCB is a permissioned child-chain that will be deployed on top of the Ardor public blockchain when the necessary funding is achieved. SCB uses the state of the art technology of Ardor multichain platform to ensure only verified ISV’s are allowed to upload to the blockchain verification files for their software releases. SCB will use the built-in cloud storage smart contract in the Ardor platform to store the verifications files.The access to these checksum files will be always free for end users and corporate customers of the ISV’s and will be done easily through an API REST call to any Ardor blockchain node. ISV’s will pay in the SCB token the fees related to the use the SCB blockchain in a “pay as you go" model.

Watch Alberto's interview for CryptoPlaza

For our Spanish speaking community - watch the latest interview with Alberto - this time for Crypto Plaza - the Madrid based crypto and blockchain hub and shared co-working space where Jelurida also has a presence. In the interview Alberto explains who we are, what Jelurida does and our work as a company and presents our blockchain software products.

Improved Triffic version is available - mandatory upgrade

Triffic - the augmented reality app that rewards you with GPS tokens and it is building on Ardor, last week announced a new improved versions for Android and iOS. Along many backend improvements, there are also new features available such as social media and email login and expiring beacons. The new versions are mandatory update for all beta testers. And in case you missed it - the testers can also help fight Covid-19 thanks to the Triffic Fundraiser.

Ardor listed on Quickex instant crypto exchange

Recently Ardor (ARDR) was added on the Quickex cryptocurrency exchange where you can exchange it instantly to BTC and ETH.

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!