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Jelurida Weekly Wins

20 April 2020


Where are the Hybrid Blockchain Networks? - Alberto's new Medium article

Private blockchains, although offering some advantages compared to the usual databases, still struggle to find their place and suitable use cases as they are undoubtedly connected with higher maintenance cost and interoperability challenges. At the same time they lack the biggest advantage the public blockchain can offer - security through maintaining a decentralized consensus by hundreds or thousands of nodes. This is where Ardor's unique architecture can help and bring forward an entirely new approach of hybrid blockchain solutions. Read all about it in Alberto's new Medium article.

Ardor and Nxt Node Rewards Program featured in Techpoint.Africa

Recently we announced a new node running rewards program which is becoming more and more popular with the number of open Ardor and Nxt nodes growing significantly. The new initiative, which is awarding users daily with 10 000 IGNIS, has been featured in detail in Techpoint.Africa - a media dedicated to keeping you up to date on the evolution of technology in Africa. The publication also outlines the significance of the program to increase the number of nodes on both networks while users gain more knowledge about them while utilizing well the time at home.

Crypto is Feeling the Impact of Coronavirus, But Should We Be Panicking? - Lior's view on CryptoGlobe

The new coronavirus has impacted all areas of our lives and the blockchain world is no exception. It still remains to be seen how the traditional financial system will handle the crisis in the long run and to what degree the cryptomarkets will be affected as well. But what does the coronavirus mean for the blockchain space as a whole - read Lior's view on CryptoGlobe.

The Blobaa project - new authentication solution built on Ardor!

This week on the community slack a new authentication solution built on Ardor was announced by its creator Atzen. The project is called Blobaa - short for blockchain based authentication, and it aims to provide authentication mechanisms on top of a decentralized, neutral and highly available infrastructure which is the blockchain. Learn all about the core concepts and the potential use cases on Blobaa's website

Listen to Alberto's interview for Territorio Blockchain

Alberto was interviewed by the Spanish podcast Territirio Blockchain and shared his thoughts about Jelurida, our recent wins and development plans for the future. Alberto also shared his personal opinion about how the coronavirus pandemic is going to affect the blockchain industry. Listen now the interview (in Spanish, timeframe 25:08 until 34:16).

Nxt hardfork passed successfully at block 2 870 000

The planned hardfork for the activation of the new Nxt features happened successfully at block 2 870 000 of Nxt blockchain. If you haven't updated yet, you can download the new version here. If you are still running an old version, you should install the new version and download the blockchain from scratch (or download the production database from our website).

Where to go for a blockchain solution - Ardor mentioned on InformationAge

Needless to say, every business or projects have to be very careful when choosing a blockchain solution. Once the need to use a blockchain is identified, there are many alternatives to choose from. InformationAge outlines some of the most interesting options in their informative article. Ardor is also mentioned as a great option with its built-in features, flexible architecture and unique consensus-as-a-service offering and hybrid permissioning capabilities.

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!