Jelurida Weekly Wins

24 February 2020


Proof-of-Stake Isn't Broken - new article in CryptoDaily

Ever since the proof-of-stake consensus algorithm emerged more than six years ago (partially implemented by Peercoin and fully developed in Nxt in late 2013), Bitcoin and proof-of-work maximalists are trying to identify potential loopholes in it. Theoretical scenarios like the nothing-at-stake and long-range attacks have been usually quoted as the biggest threats to the proof-of-stake algorithm opening the door for heated discussions on forums and media outlets. But regardless, the pure proof-of-stake has passed the only viable test - the test of time, and it's been working quite well for years. Read more why that is in practice, the different new variations of proo-of-stake which are available and many more interesting aspects of this issues in the new article by Lior Yaffe in Cryptodaily.

Ardor updated roadmap has been released!

Last week we released an updated Ardor roadmap for the first half of 2020. Pruning and snapshotting - the cornerstone of Ardor's technology and the basis for its scalability are getting to be released soon on testnet. HD Wallet implementation, hybrid permissions on the public chain and an exciting research projects are also in the pipeline. If you are a blockchain developer or you just want to know more about our technology, please join the developers channel on our slack and ask away!

Lior quoted on Cointelegraph about advanced cryptography in the blockchain space

Zero knowledge proof, multiparty computation, verifyable delay function are some of the most interesting cryptography developments lately but they have the potential to define the future of blockchain technology. Find out why are they important and how impactful can they be on the cryptocurrency space from Lior Yaffe and other industry experts in the detailed article in Cointelegraph which examines in depth these complex subjects.

New Ardor and Nxt peer explorers are now live!

New official Ardor and Nxt peer explorers have been just released! Check out the number of nodes on the networks, open APIs, version distribution and more with both new tools and stay tuned for news about our upcoming node reward program!

Blockchain para frikis Barcelona - new meetup in Spain

Blockchain para frikis or "blockchain for geeks" is a meetup group in Barcelona with more than 450 members. Recently Francisco Sarrias took over the organization of the group (formerly Ethereum Barcelona group) in order to give people a broader view of the blockchain landscape. The objective of the group is not to focus on the speculative side of cryptocurrenscies but to organize and recommend events of technical content, to increase the understanding of how the different decentralized technologies available in the market are organized and to help people learn how to build applications with them. In the meetup last week the participants have issued an asset on the Ignis child chain of the Ardor platform (Asset ID 15612586090237447901). The token is called BFS and it is meant to incentivize the participation in the meetup activities.

Join our team! Jelurida is hiring a social media expert

In the careers section of our website we publish all open job positions in Jelurida. The latest addition is is for a social media content creator who would join our growing team on a full time telecommuting position. Find out the requirements for the job and how to apply here.

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!