Jelurida Weekly Wins

01 December 2019


Lior talks China and Blockchain

The Chinese government has a reputation for broad policy shifts that fundamentally change how cryptocurrencies and blockchain are treated on the global stage. With recent announcements of a central bank digital currency and presidential statements noting the importance of blockchain technology, briefly interviewed Lior and several other blockchain thought leaders to get their impressions on how the industry will be impacted.

Adedayo brings advanced blockchain to Ghana

Adedayo was on site in Accra for three major events this week. First, he was at the Tech in Ghana deep dive session on AI and future technologies on November 26th. Then, on November 28th, Adedayo led a workshop focused on how blockchain and DLT can disrupt existing business processes. The final event of the week came on Saturday, November 30th with a discussion on the future development of blockchain Ghana. Capacity building initiatives across West Africa have been ramping up lately and Jelurida Africa has been on the forefront of sharing DLT knowledge at each of these events.

Barcelona IoT Event Draws a Crowd

The Blockchain for Business group organized an IoT-centric event in downtown Barcelona on November 26th, which drew a crowd of more than 60 people. Veronica moderated a panel of experts including entrepreneurs, smart city tech managers, and of course, Sergi - who made sure Ardor's advanced technological capabilities were front and center throughout the session.

Jelurida Korea pitches at the Huobi Coffee House

Cheoleung Kim was invited to the Huobi Coffee House in Seoul on November 26th to pitch the Ardor platform and explain how it evolved from Nxt's elegant proof of stake algorithm. Attendees walked away with a clear understanding of the economic and environmental benefits of proof of stake (POS), as well as the user-friendly enhancements introduced through the multichain architecture of Ardor platform.

Google Campus welcomes Jelurida

After a busy few days in Barcelona, Veronica traveled to Madrid to meet up with Alberto and headline a meetup at the Google Campus facilities there. The event once again focused on the potential of IoT and blockchain, bringing together experts from across various industries to offer their insights on this emerging field.

Casinos Austria International gets an introduction to Jelurida

Lior, Sergi, and Tomi ended the week in Austria for the Casinos Austria International Blockchain Days. Jelurida had the opportunity to present the full benefits of the Ardor platform to key players in the iGaming sector. From data security to ensuring contracts are truly random, there were a number of interesting discussions warranting further exploration.

COAL airdrop coming soon

The Coalculus project is planning on providing blockchain financial services in Singapore and Southeast Asia by offering a public-permissioned clone of the Ardor platform. Jelurida initially announced the partnership in June 2019 and just recently announced that the snapshot of Ignis account balances for the Coalculus airdrop will be on December 9th. The precise blockheight will be announced shortly before the event itself.