Jelurida Weekly Wins

27 October 2019


Jelurida brings Blockchain Anywhere with the release of Ardor on Android

This week featured the revolutionary release of full forging nodes on Android devices for the Ardor platform. Now, anyone anywhere can be a full participant in securing a decentralized network - no more needing to trust a central authority. Check out the release on Yahoo, LeLezard, PR Newswire Spain, and the German APA - and then take a look at a few of the articles written in the Enterprise Times, CryptoNinjas, The Blockchain Examiner, Cryptonomist Italian, and on a Russian blog.

Ardor on Android promotion running through November 6th

To promote the launch of the new Android nodes, a promotion is running until November 6th! The first 100 people to submit a photo of themselves with the Ardor blockchain downloaded on their Android device get 1440 IGNIS. More than 40 people have already joined the promo - download the package and send us your photo today!

Video available from Jelurida Korea's SDG pitch

From October 21-23, Jelurida Korea hosted a booth at the STS&P 2019 conference. The big moment came when Cheoleung gave a 7 minute pitch on Ardor's potential to address the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Watch video of the speech on youtube with English subtitles.

Jelurida Africa meets with the Nigerian Medical Association

Jelurida Africa, together with the President of the Cryptography Development Initiative met this week with a series of high profile Nigerian officials from the Nigirean Medical Association, in an effort to explain how Ardor addresses the shortcomings of existing blockchain technologies. Future meetings are now on the books to provide hands on demonstrations of specific functionalities.

IEB Spain invites Alberto for a last minute speech

The prestigious IEB invited Alberto to give a speech on blockchain technology and to demonstrate Jelurida's new full nodes on Android devices. Attendees were impressed with this breakthrough in scaling decentralized infrastructure and a number of significant connections were made.

Nxt's pioneering PoS consensus covered in a new video by RedRage

The pure Proof-of-Stake algorithm of Nxt is gaining a lot of attention lately. After it was included in a PoS overview last week, now its differences from Bitcoin's PoW are explained in detail in a new video by Red Rage together with more of Nxt's features. While the never-ending battle between PoW and PoS continues, share your thoughts about it in the Reddit thread.

Ardor Korean fans create Android tutorial for new release

A tutorial video explaining how to install Ardor on your Android device was created by Korean community member, zeusPSK. For those wondering how to get started, use this quick visual guide to get started. Detailed written tutorial is also available at Ardordocs.

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!