Jelurida Weekly Wins

16 September 2019


Blockchain privacy enters the spotlight

Public blockchains bring a heightened level of transparency and integrity to the process of exchanging digital data, but this comes with certain pitfalls. The recent Ardor roadmap update promised a series of blog posts exploring this essential discussion, and this week, Lior published his first article introducing the complex topic of privacy on the blockchain. Read it today on medium and subscribe to his blog to stay up to date with future posts!

Smart Voting App for voting secured by the blockchain moves ahead

Voting has gotten a lot of attention as a potential use case for blockchain and distributed ledger technology. Community member TheWireMaster, creator also of, has been refining an easy and secure application for demonstrating these capabilities called Smart Voting. Watch out for active polls on Ardor’s testnet and participate in testing of this application by sending a tweet that says "#ThanksAlotSmartVotingBot" and you'll receive your personalized link from the Smart Voting Bot with your Ardor account info. Then, read the info on to find out how to cast your first vote!

RSVP today for the NYC Meetup on September 25 or the Abuja Hackathon on September 26 

You're invited to join Lior, Skylar, and Patoshi for a meetup in NYC during Climate Week 2019 on Wednesday, September 25th at 5:45pm exploring "Energy Efficient Blockchains and Hybrid Solutions" to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The following day, Adedayo's team at Jelurida Africa will be supporting a National Campus Hackathon event in Abuja for Nigerian universities focused on the topic of "Blockchain Innovation for Sustainable Growth in Nigeria." Don't miss out - RSVP today!

New “How Ardor Works” graphic provides a simple introduction to advanced blockchain tech

When you are new to blockchain, the technology can seem overwhelming. A new community made infographic summarizes Ardor's elegant 3rd-generation technology in a way that anyone can understand. Check it out and share it with your colleagues!

Ledger hardware wallet teaser video released as Q4 launch nears

Ledger integration for Ardor, Nxt, and Ignis is getting closer and closer to launch. This week, yet another teaser video was posted - this time showing the simplicity with which you'll be able to sign your transactions using this secure hardware wallet.

Tweets @Jelurida

Tweets @Jelurida