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Where are we going from here?

01 September 2019

Ardor Roadmap

A long summer is finally coming to an end. The new Jelurida website is online and a well-needed upgrade for Nxt was shipped as promised to support the loyal projects dedicated to building on Nxt technology.

The manager of an innovation center of one of the biggest companies in the world told us last week that blockchain technology only provides 20% of the solution they need, 80% they need to develop themselves. But these 20% are crucial - and damn difficult to develop - we answered!

So where are we going from here?

The team focus will naturally shift back to Ardor development.


The widely expected pruning feature is already running on our internal testnet and we expect to deploy it on the public Ardor testnet in Q4/2019 with mainnet to follow during the first half of 2020.

Hybrid permissions on public networks

Improving the adoption of the Ardor unique child chains architecture is top priority for Jelurida. Child chain controls now exist to address this need. We are working with the Coalculus project on their permissioning architecture, which makes use of this feature and we expect to launch additional permissioned child chains during Q4/2019 or Q1/2020.

Scaling with sub-nets

As is now widely understood, a major barrier for scaling a blockchain is the requirement for every node to process every transaction. Child chains and the Ignis stateless lightweight contracts were our first steps toward addressing this issue.

Further splitting the blockchain into sub-nets of nodes, each processing only specific subsets of the child chains, will remove this "all nodes must process all transactions" requirement and provide total platform throughput which is an order of magnitude better than what we see using existing solutions. We expect sub-nets research to be a major project for the second half of 2020.

IoT use cases, hardware wallets, and user interface enhancements

With respect to client side and deployment technologies, we are moving forward in several directions:

Running a full node on Android is already waiting for testing and will be included in one of the next releases.

Ledger wallet integration is in advanced stages of implementation. Pending approval from Ledger, we expect to see it live during Q4/2019.

Wallet usability enhancements, including a walk-through tutorial for new users is under review by UX and UI experts we hired for the task. Again we expect to ship this pretty soon.


We also have big plans for privacy solutions, but it is too early to layout our privacy roadmap at the moment. Rest assured, Jelurida understands the critical importance of privacy for blockchain to reach real world adoption and we intend to blog about this more soon.