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Nxt is 6 years old!

24 November 2019

Nxt 6th birthday!

Nxt is now six years old! The genesis block was timestamped 24.11.2013, 12:00 UTC and 13 min and 12 seconds later the first block was generated! Block after block and year after year, the first pure proof-of-stake platform and the first coded from scratch after Bitcoin has passed the test of time and pioneered many blockchain concepts such as fully decentralized peer-to-peer exchange, shuffling and marketplace, prunable data, voting, balance leasing. Nxt also remains one of  the most cloned blockchains, it has influenced numerous other cryptocurrency projects  and attracted a faithful community worldwide.

Nxt is now at 1.12.0e, planned to be released as stable mainnet version in January 2020 with a scheduled hardfork to enable the latest features later in Q1. The 1.12.1 production release will also include an Android Full Node package, making it even easier to forge even on a phone! Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter and receive all important announcements directly in your inbox. And if you are feeling nostalgic for the old Nxt website created by the community - you can visit it here!

Happy Birthday, Nxt!