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20210216 L Coinpost Tarasca

CoinPost: スケーラビリティ向上に特化したブロックチェーンプロジェクト、アーダー(Ardor)のエコシステム内に構築されたゲームプラットフォーム「Tarasca」が、自身の主要プロダクトの開発および販売計画を発表した。 Tarascaは現在、コレクタブル(収集系)ゲーム「Mythical Beings(直訳:伝説上の生物)」、および現実世界で利用される物理的なボードゲームの開発を行っている。Tarascaによると、Mythical Beingsでは現在、内部の最終テストが実施されている。内部テストが終了し次第、約2週間後を目処にアーダーコミュニティへ公開。その後15日間にわたってコミュニティによるパブリックテストを行った後、3月に正式にローンチされる予定だ。 ボードゲームに関しては、3月末または4月にクラウドファンディングで販売が予定されている。ボードゲーム購入者には、プロジェクトをサポートしてくれる謝礼として、Mythical Beingsのデジタルカード1パックが贈与される。購入者は、希少性の高いレアカードも選択可能だという。

February 16, 2021

What is Tarasca? NFTs Meet DAOs on the Ardor Platform

ZyCrypto: Mythical Creatures designer Ana Santiso explains: “Artistic services in a digital environment need a blockchain that facilitates registration, tokenization, and exchange, and that allows the user transactions without fees. Ardor solves our problems in a simple way, and we can focus on our products.” Furthermore, Tarasca is the first DAO to set up a home on Ardor. A blog post explaining the mechanics of the Tarasca DAO states that security is the main advantage of using Ardor because there’s no need to code smart contracts from scratch, avoiding the risks that have faced other initiatives such as Ethereum’s The DAO. Furthermore, the Tarasca DAO takes advantage of other ready-made tools available within the Ardor and Ignis platforms, including a voting system, messaging system, and features such as account controls.

February 12, 2021

20210212 R ZyCrypto Tarasca
20210211 L IHold Sustainable
Sustainable Development with Blockchain - The Apps Building on Ardor

ihodl: During the last cryptocurrency bull run in 2017, there was significant interest in applying blockchain to a wide variety of use cases. As the hype of the rally died down, unfortunately, so did the general level of enthusiasm about blockchain technology before many use cases developed to their true potential. With the benefit of hindsight, this conflation of blockchain's utility with the price of cryptocurrencies was a mistake. The Ardor blockchain is a testament to this view. Ardor launched at the absolute peak of the last crypto bull cycle in January 2018. Over the subsequent years, Jelurida, the company that operates Ardor, has invested in attracting developers who are making many of the originally-touted use cases for blockchain into a reality. At the same time, the firm has been expanding into new markets to bring blockchain to businesses around the world. One thing that's striking about Ardor's development activity is that the platform appears to have found a niche in promoting and supporting blockchain for sustainable development.

February 11, 2021

Central Bank of Nigeria Denies It Has Placed New Restrictions on Cryptocurrencies In the meantime, as anger at the directive to banks grows, the CBN’s statement explaining this decision is seemingly failing to calm nerves. Some crypto players have suggested they might have to leave their country of birth and seek opportunities elsewhere. However, for some crypto players like Adedayo Adebajo, this CBN decision was inevitable. Adebajo, who is the managing director at Jelurida Africa, a consultancy firm, points to the recent Endsars protests as one factor that contributed to this changed approach by the central bank. Towards the end of 2020, when the CBN ordered the freezing of bank accounts that were associated with leaders of the Endsars protest movement, organizers began to ask for donations in bitcoin instead. As a result, donations to bankroll the Endsars continued to flow in and this has since inspired other activists as Adebajo explains

February 10, 2021

20210210 R Nigeria
 CoinSpeaker ArdorUseCases
Sustainability, Loyalty, Gaming: How Ardor is Attracting Real-World Use Cases for Blockchain

Coinspeaker: Many companies and initiatives had spotted the potential for blockchain to solve real-world challenges. But like anything of value, it takes time to build, test, and iterate. Jelurida, the Swiss software firm behind the Ardor platform, has a team that’s been around in blockchain and systems development long enough to become very familiar with this cycle. Two of Jelurida’s co-founders were involved with the Nxt blockchain, which launched in 2013. Jelurida took over the operation of Nxt, which still runs today, in 2016. However, Ardor has been the firm’s flagship platform since its launch in January 2018. All tech innovations aside, what’s impressive about Ardor is the fact that over the three years since it launched, it’s become a go-to platform for projects looking to apply the features of blockchain to solve real-world problems.

February 05, 2021

Ardor – A multi-chain platform with a multitude of use cases

Crypto News Flash: Development activity is the raisin d’etre for blockchain platforms. Those projects that manage to attract developers often find it a snowball effect, where a few successful launches serve as a showcase of the platform’s potential, which attracts more developers. One example of where this is visible is in the Ardor blockchain, which launched in early 2018. Over the last three years, Jelurida, the Swiss software development company that operates Ardor, has been working hard to attract developers. As Ardor now supports a multitude of real-world use cases, the work has paid off, with more activity on the way in 2021. Achieving a balance between ready-made features and near-limitless customization options has paid off for Ardor. The platform has become a hub of development activity, with numerous applications gaining traction

February 04, 2021

CryptoNewsFlash ArdorUseCases