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Jelurida Weekly Wins

08 April 2024



Ardor Beginners Series - Connect your Ledger Wallet to Ardor Wallet

Welcome back to another exciting chapter of the Ardor Beginners Series! In this last video, we explore how to seamlessly connect your Ledger wallet to the Ardor wallet, ensuring a smooth experience for beginners and seasoned Ardor enthusiasts. Our goal is to empower every Ardor adventurer with the tools and knowledge needed to immerse in the blockchain world confidently. For detailed documentation, visit the Ardordocs page.

Mythical Beings Bounty Prize

Mythical Beings followers! Last week the Bounty Prize reached 646.24 USD/ETH 0.196, which not only offered ETH rewards but also the opportunity to acquire shares in GEM, MANA, and the highly desired Season 6 special card. Remember that morphing allows you to transform your cards into a random card of the same rarity level. This is one of the strategies to complete the collection to claim the bounty!

ArdorBG March 2024 monthly report

ArdorBG recently presented the monthly report for March 2024, showcasing to its esteemed Ardor community the remarkable progress and achievements. As always, transparency remains at the forefront of all operations, encouraging the community to verify the details provided. The revenue record was achieved in March thanks to favourable market volatility, the dividend payout target surpassed 10’000 Ignis, the referral program has expired while evaluating future initiatives, and the presence in the DEX ensures minimal spreads and optimal liquidity, enhancing the trading experience for all stakeholders.

Bridge Champ and Ignis: Exploring the New Future of Web3 Gaming

In a recent feature by Chinese media Technology Deepflow, the fusion of Web3 gaming and public chains takes the stage with Bridge Champ and Ignis, showcasing a peek into the future of gaming. Leveraging blockchain technology, Bridge Champ pioneers the transition of bridge gaming into the Web3 era by offering players a decentralized, secure and transparent online bridge platform. Technical expertise meets innovation as Ignis, the main Ardor’s child chain, provides robust infrastructure support to Bridge Champ, ensuring seamless gameplay and enhanced security for players. In conclusion, the synergy between Bridge Champ and Ignis not only highlights the vast potential of Web3 gaming but also paves the way for a decentralized gaming ecosystem, empowering players and driving blockchain adoption across industries.

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!