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Jelurida Weekly Wins

18 March 2024



Bridge Champ joins the 2024 Spring NABC championship in Louisville!

Bridge enthusiasts! Mark your calendar because the 2024 Spring North American Bridge Championship (NABC) has just started in Louisville, Kentucky, and the Bridge Champ team couldn’t miss the chance to join. As the prestigious tournament unfolds, bridge lovers and players come together to showcase their talent and to make every hand a masterclass until March 24, 2024. So, prepare for an unforgettable display of skills, strategy and premier events, and stay tuned for updates on the Bridge Champ team.

Ardor Beginners Series - Unboxing the Ledger Wallet device

Are you ready to level up your knowledge? This new chapter of the Ardor Beginners Series includes in-depth tutorials on how to use Ardor on your Ledger Wallet device. Ledger wallets are renowned for their security features, providing a safe and reliable way to store your cryptocurrencies. And now, Ardor joins the ranks of supported assets, as announced on January 29, 2024, thus offering users even more peace of mind when it comes to managing their digital assets. In this first video, we dive into the world of hardware wallets by unboxing the Ledger Nano X, a game-changer for Ardor lovers. But that’s just the beginning! Stay tuned for further episodes where we’ll cover everything you need to know to manage your Ardor assets securely.

The meeting of two worlds - The New Mythical Economy

Welcome to the New Mythical Economy – a realm where ancient legends intertwine with modern innovation. This new venture brings a fresh approach to game economics, one that embraces new graphics, and philosophy, but, most importantly, keeps the same goal of promoting art and forgotten cultures. The journey has just begun. Stay tuned for more updates as the Mythical Beings team unveils the latest developments of this visionary project.

Engage in the crypto airdrop no.2

Exciting news from the Ardor ecosystem! The crypto airdrop UART #2 is now live, offering participants the opportunity to claim 50-100 UART tokens to be used on the upcoming platform. The project is an Ignis-based digital assets NFT marketplace, where you can create, buy, sell and review NFT on Ignis, view your collection, see the rating of all authors, and add NFT from other platforms to the catalogue. The airdrop is taking place from March 10 to May 1, 2024. How to participate? Repost on Twitter, join the “Ardor, Ignis, Nxt Community News” Telegram channel and send your Telegram username as an encrypted message using your Ardor wallet. For further info, visit the dedicated page and join the exciting journey of!

The power of DAO membership: Join the rise of Mythical Creatures!

Mythical DAO members, you’re called to the forefront of creation! For the very first time in the Mythical Beings history of the collection, you as esteemed members of the DAO, will now have the extraordinary opportunity to participate in the creation of mythical creatures. Get ready to unleash your imagination, let the power of collective creativity bring the magic, and let the fun begin!

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!