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Jelurida Weekly Wins

26 February 2024



Come and meet us at MWC 2024!

Connect with us! As the Mobile World Congress 2024 has just started, we invite you to join us at Hall Congress Square from today until February 29, 2024, at Stand CS220 - Booth 40. Explore with Francisco Sarrias the boundless potential of the Ardor blockchain and unlock solutions for your next big project. From smart contracts to scalability and flexibility, Ardor and its customizable child chain Ignis are the right platforms for efficient blockchain solutions for your business. Don’t miss out on this chance, come and meet us!

Try Mythical Beings NFT Collection and win 40 USDT!

What an exciting opportunity for you fellow collectors and NFT enthusiasts! Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Mythical Beings, acquire the in-game currency GEM and, by taking part in this NFT adventure, you get the chance to win a prize of 40 USDT. How to participate? Head to the dedicated page and join the Mythical Beings community.

How to avoid being unplayed - Watch the Bridge Champ video!

In the bridge world, being unplayed is the nightmare of even the most seasoned players. Agustin Madala, Bridge Champ’s ambassador and a maestro in the realm of bridge, faced this very predicament during a tournament in China and decided to turn the table with a stroke of brilliance – a clever escape trick! And now it’s your turn. Watch the video and share your opinions. Do you find it a strategic masterpiece, or perhaps an inspiration for your gameplay? Play now and join the Bridge Champ community!

Ardor Beginners Series - How to buy on the Ardor Marketplace

In this latest episode of the Ardor Beginners Series Tutorial video, we delve into the Ardor Marketplace and how to make secure, transparent and seamless transactions. This video guides you through every step, ensuring that your blockchain journey on Ardor is both educational and enjoyable. Share your questions on the Ardor Forum and watch all the previous Ardor videos on Rumble.

Explore the Best of 2023 in Chinese media

Join us as we move through the highlights that made 2023 a great year for Ardor, Ignis, and Nxt, as covered in this Chinese media article. The Senator project takes the stage at the 2023 IoT congress, Bridge Champ’s evolution announcing the upcoming NFT badges and crypto integration, the exhibition at BxCAT 2023, Lior’s interview covered by Nasdaq, and the new strategic partnership between Jelurida and Aumenta Solutions for the PantalAR project on Ardor. Moving forward with the new community game WenGods, the VesselChain project presented at the BNEW blockchain 2023 conference, the Bridge Champ team goes to Marrakesh, New Delhi, and Atlanta for international bridge championships. Last but not least Nxt celebrates 10 years since its launch, Jelurida Korea joins the Busan blockchain alliance, Mythical Beings launches the new season 6, and Bridge Champ publishes the 2024 Roadmap.

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!