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Jelurida Weekly Wins

05 February 2024




It's official - You can now secure your Ardor assets with Ledger hardware wallets!

Big news for Ardor enthusiasts and investors! The Ardor app for the Ledger hardware wallets is now available on Ledger Live, offering users a secure and convenient way to protect their $ARDR assets. The introduction of the Ardor app on Ledger, the leading provider of hardware wallets, is a significant milestone that brings several benefits to Ardor users, such as enhanced security, a user-friendly interface, peace of mind, and convenience. The collaboration between Ardor and Ledger demonstrates a commitment to both innovation and security. To get started with securing your Ardor assets on Ledger, follow the detailed setup tutorial.

Francisco showcased VideoTruth at the ISE 2024 networking event

Integrated System Europe is the world’s leading audiovisual and systems integration exhibition. Therefore ISE 2024 networking event was the perfect stage for Francisco to showcase VideoTruth, a pioneering solution in the landscape of communication technology. It offers a unique blend of features such as a robust platform for authenticating video files secured by the integration with the Ardor blockchain technology. Whether for business or educational purposes, VideoTruth’s versatility makes it a valuable tool for various industries. Thus, its presentation generated considerable excitement among tech innovators and solution providers.

Ardor Beginners Series - how to exchange your issued currencies!

In our latest episode of the Ardor Beginners Series video tutorial, we illustrate how to exchange your own issued currencies. From publishing exchange offers to buying and selling tokens using the Ignis blockchain. This comprehensive guide is tailored specifically for newcomers to the Ardor ecosystem, providing step-by-step instructions on how to exchange issued currencies effortlessly. Dive into the Ardor Beginner Series on Rumble and unlock the full potential of the Ardor blockchain platform.

Buy Mythical Beings cards and boost the Jackpot!

The Mythical Beings cards do not bring only enhancing creatures but also the chance to boost the jackpot to new heights, thanks to its thrilling mechanism. Collectors can buy cards (also on OpenSea), and 50% of the revenue generated from the Mythical Beings card sales is accumulated in the Jackpot Smart Contract, thus creating a pool of rewards that grows with every transaction. Then, every 3.5 days the jackpot is distributed to users who have completed the collection and claimed the jackpot. Winners not only receive their share but also a portion of 9’000 GEM and the chance to win one of nine lots of 1’000 MANA tokens, which are the governance tokens of the Mythical DAO. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this unique blend of fantasy and blockchain technology. The journey and Mythical rewards await!

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!