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Jelurida Weekly Wins

04 December 2023



The Bridge Champ team reached the quarter-finals at Fall NABC 2023!

From November 23rd, the Bridge Champ team participated in the Fall NABC 2023 held in Atlanta, where Team Lebowitz, alongside BC ambassador Agustin Madala, achieved significant victories, progressing until the quarter-finals. Simultaneously, stationed at their dedicated booth, the team members showcased the Bridge Champ platform, highlighting its distinctive features to numerous bridge players. They engaged with key representatives from the bridge community, exploring potential avenues for future gaming and business collaborations. Each member of the Bridge Champ team contributed their expertise, creating a harmonious synergy that complemented one another's strengths. Congratulations to all involved!

Mythical Beings presented at CulturGal 2023!

Did you uncover the mysteries of Mythical Beings? From December 1st to 3rd, 2023, the Mythical Beings team unveiled the enigmatic world of its legendary creatures at CulturGal 2023, the Galician Cultures fair. Fernando Cimadevila, the board game creator, and the team engaged with enthusiasts and inquisitive minds and delved into the rich tales, traditions, literature, and art that envelop the realm of the Mythical Beings game. Additionally, the team extends its heartfelt appreciation to the community for their unwavering support, contributing to the official validation of the game on MagicSquare, the Web3 discovery and engagement hub for apps and games.

The VesselChain project pitched at TechBarcelona monthly event

Francisco participated in Tech Barcelona's monthly gathering, a non-profit association dedicated to bolstering Barcelona's digital and technological ecosystem. During this event, the Jelurida Web3 evangelist presented VesselChain, a pioneering project harnessing the power of the Ignis blockchain within the maritime sector. This recurring event serves as a platform to showcase strategic initiatives, providing substantial visibility, and fostering networking opportunities. Entrepreneurs and investors convene to exchange insights, knowledge, and experiences within the thriving tech community.

The DiTiNow team, which leverages NXT technology, wins the INTA Open Innovation Challenge!

The winner of the International Trademark Association’s 2023 Open Innovation Challenge in Houston, Texas, for the early-stage start-up category, is the DiTiNow team. Their solution, which leverages the NXT technology, offers an NFT-based low-cost, data-driven anticounterfeiting solution to help brand owners fight IP infringement. The technology used is the first to use a decentralized title recording system to identify and prevent fakes, while still ensuring privacy protection. The integration of NXT technology within the CC14 chain exemplifies the future of anti-counterfeiting systems. This groundbreaking solution holds the promise of reshaping industries, instilling trust, and safeguarding the authenticity of products globally.

Ardor Beginners Series covered in Chinese media

This Chinese media article highlights several functionalities of Ardor downloads that were extensively covered in the Ardor Beginners Series video tutorials. These include the download options for the Ardor mainnet and testnet databases, Ardor digital wallet, Ardor nodes, and the process of acquiring Ardor testnet tokens. If you missed these video tutorials, you can catch up by watching them grouped on our dedicated Rumble channel!

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!