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Jelurida Weekly Wins

20 November 2023



Nov 23- Meet the Bridge Champ team at the Atlanta 2023 Fall NABC!

Calling all bridge enthusiasts! The 2023 Fall North American Bridge Championship (NABC) is on the horizon, and it’s gearing up to be a thrilling event. It is not just about the gameplay offering a unique and immersive bridge experience, the 2023 Fall NABC is also a great opportunity for bridge enthusiasts to come together, connect and share strategies to foster a sense of community within the world of bridge. Participants will have the chance to meet the Bridge Champ team, dive into the app, meet players and expect surprises. So, mark your calendars – From Nov 23 to December 3, 2023, in Atlanta or get to the full Bridge Champ experience live on! Stay tuned, the countdown begins!

Jelurida Korea joined the Upbit D Conference & BWB 2023

As a company branch advocate for blockchain innovation, Jelurida Korea participated at the Upbit D Conference on November 13 in Seoul, and at the BWB 2023 on November 10 in Busan, to showcase Ardor and Ignis blockchain solutions and network with crypto players. Jelurida Korea’s engagement undoubtedly enriched the conversation about decentralized technologies and highlighted Jelurida’s commitment to driving innovation in the landscape of the blockchain sphere.

Mythical Beings card Season 6 & major updates are coming soon!

Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of fantasy and wonder. Mythical Beings Card Season 6 is coming soon, with major updates such as a new wallet and new adventures! Waiting for the new season to be launched, the Mythical Beings team will be part of the Culturgal 2023, December 1-3 in Pontevedra, to present the NFT card collection based on the Ignis blockchain platform and the physical board games. Besides, you can support Mythical Beings by validating the project on Magic Square and making some magic happen. Join the Mythical Beings newsletter and the Discord community to stay up-to-date on exclusive events and engage in exciting discussions!

ArdorBeginners Series - Secure your first $ARDR Testnet tokens

Welcome back to the Ardor Beginners Series! If you’re eager to delve deeper into the world of blockchain technology, we’re thrilled to guide you through the process of securing your very first Ardor TestNet tokens – an essential step to kickstart your journey on the Ardor blockchain. Remember, the TestNet environment is a playground for learning and experimenting, so do not hesitate to explore freely. Stay tuned for more insightful episodes, and enjoy your journey into the fascinating world of the Ardor blockchain technology!

VesselChain - one of the remarkable projects at Tomorrow Blue Economy Event

On November 7, 2023, Francisco joined the Tomorrow Blue Economy event in Barcelona, the global summit dedicated to promoting and developing the potential of the Blue Economy. During the event, he witnessed remarkable solutions like VesselChain, which leverages Ignis blockchain, making waves within the sector and showcasing the interrelation between environment, society, and economy with a focus on innovation, entrepreneurship, and education.

DAO Governance Guide in Mythical Beings covered in Chinese media

The Chinese media Technology Treehole in one of its latest articles covers the DAO Governance guide in Mythical Beings. It explores the Mythical Decentralized Autonomous Organization registration, DAO governance and tools, which help the player community to self-govern through different platforms. The mission of Mythical DAO is to enhance the card collection experience and the development of related games through open discussion space, independent promotion activities, and decision-making via blockchain for secure and transparent voting. Watch the three short videos that show how to join the DAO, how to transfer Ardor’s MANA tokens to Polygon, how to become a DAO member, and how to register in the Mythical DAO internal forum.

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!