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Jelurida Weekly Wins

09 October 2023



VesselChain Shines at BNEW 2023 in Barcelona

VesselChain took a prominent position in the spotlight, securing a place among the top five 'Best Startups of Mobility & Digital Industry' at the BNEW 2023 event held in Barcelona. During the event, Francisco Sarrias pitched the project, showcasing Ignis blockchain's potential in the maritime industry. His insights were also featured in an interview for BNEW's social media channels, with the pitch set to be uploaded to their platforms as well. This recognition significantly amplified the visibility of our blockchain technology within the startup ecosystem, shedding light on its potential applications.

Mythical Beings Unveils New Wallet and "Campfires on the Road" Season 6

In a week filled with noteworthy achievements, Mythical Beings took center stage, unveiling the highly anticipated "Campfires on the Road" Season 6. The Mythical Beings development team provided an in-depth look at this captivating season in a Medium post. Adding to the excitement, "The Cry of Mythical Beings" book finally arrived, offering readers a deeper understanding of the enchanting world. For Kickstarter backers, copies are en route. Additionally, Mythical Beings introduced a new wallet designed by Ana Santiso, reflecting the beauty of legendary cards and packed with exciting features.

SmartCon 2023: A Fantastic Kickoff in Barcelona!

Jelurida actively participated in SmartCon 2023 in Barcelona this past week. The event commenced on a high note, with a primary focus on the confluence of artificial intelligence and web3 technologies. It offered us the chance to attend conferences featuring various prominent figures in the blockchain and AI ecosystem. This provided valuable networking opportunities and the chance to engage in discussions about the future of blockchain technology.

AticcoLab's 3rd Anniversary Event: A Day of Innovation and Inspiration

The week was highlighted by a joyous celebration at AticcoLab's 3rd Anniversary event. It's worth noting that AticcoLab is the organizer of the B Blue acceleration program, in which VesselChain is currently participating. Jelurida was honored to be part of this celebration, uniting with startup and blockchain innovators. The event provided a valuable opportunity to connect, share ideas, and stay updated on the latest developments, fostering innovation and collaboration that drives progress into the future.

DiTiNOW's NXT-Backed Solution for NIOSH Counterfeit Challenge

DiTiNOW is actively participating in the NIOSH Counterfeit Challenge by leveraging blockchain technology and NFTs. With their utilization of NXT technology and the CC14 chain, which is a clone of NXT specifically tailored for their anti-counterfeiting system, they hold great potential for achieving their goal effectively. We wish DiTiNOW the best of luck in the challenge and their endeavors to combat counterfeit products.

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