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Jelurida Weekly Wins

28 August 2023



Bridge Champ 1.1.0 Takes Center Stage in the Madala Challenge's Debut

Bridge Champ 1.1.0 is here with exciting updates that strike the perfect balance between innovation and familiarity. Firstly, the game introduces a refreshed design for the sign-in, sign-up, and "Start New Table" pages, enhancing overall usability. In addition, this version addresses several bugs and includes minor improvements, resulting in smoother gameplay. Notably, the debut edition of the Madala Challenge was a resounding success, adding an extra layer of thrill to this update. Players engaged enthusiastically, competing against AI bots and comparing IMPs scores with the bridge champion Agustin Madala himself. As the Madala Challenge garners attention, Bridge Champ 1.1.0 ensures an enhanced experience for both avid bridge enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Teaching Novices: Ardor Beginners Tutorial Series Unveiled

Navigating the complexities of blockchain technology can be a daunting task for newcomers. To bridge this knowledge gap, Jelurida has taken a step forward by launching the Ardor Beginners tutorial series. Aimed at providing accessible and comprehensive insights into the Ardor blockchain, this initiative is a help for beginners and enthusiasts eager to explore the platform's potential. Hosted on the official Ardor Twitter account, the tutorial series breaks down key concepts, use cases, and step-by-step guides, teaching users to embark on their blockchain journey with confidence. As Jelurida continues to prioritize education and adoption, the Ardor Beginners tutorial series stands as a beacon of support for those venturing into the world of blockchain technology.

Mythical Beings Make Their Presence Known: Dapp Radar and Dapp Online

Mythical Beings, securing listings on Dapp Online and Dapp Radar directories is a notable achievement. This dual listing significantly enhances the project's visibility within the NFT and blockchain gaming sphere. Enabling easier access for players, collectors, and enthusiasts, this recognition amplifies the game's unique features and engaging gameplay. By positioning Mythical Beings in these directories, the project gains a foothold in the competitive landscape of decentralized applications, setting the stage for continued growth and success.

We are Hiring! Check our Careers page

We are looking for Web & Mobile Developers, and Senior Java Engineers to expand the Jelurida team. If your skills and qualifications match the requirements, and you’re eager to join a solid blockchain software development company such as Jelurida, this is your chance to become part of our team! Check our Careers page and submit your application.

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!